Okay More laughs, again!

So I found a compilation of Vine videos of these Thug Life clips by ThugLifeVideos on Youtube. Basically, it’s 6 seconds of  adults, animals, and kids
doing some boss ass shit like knocking things down, hardcore cursing, and anything that is just thug related.

The dramatization of these clips due the songs make it even more of a tasteful comedy!

These are clips of animals doing some very boss things and not caring

I’m sure you’ll laugh your ass off.

Press Play.

Better Than Fairytales

Thomas Sanders is an internet sensation!
With 4.7 million followers on Vine and 1.7 billions loops you can be certain you will get a your daily dose of laughs a day raising your vibration frequency!

Not only does he have a dope talent in humor but also voice over such as Stewie Griffin from Family Guy!
Without out doubt amazing.

Check the video of this hilarious guy doing random narration on people.

We all need laugh!


Also check out his Vine page for more laughs