RIPE: Fruit of Life

My little hands pushed away the tight coiled hairs from her teary-eyed face. I see an older reflection of me broken by familiar hands like rocks to a glass house. Made in her image, she gently grabbed my hands from her face.

“Don’t be ever be ripe enough for a man to eat you”
“What do you mean, mommy?”

Her caress pulled me in close to her chest, playing with my hair that she made in her image. Seeing the living impression of her she continued,

“Baby, you have are made by mother nature. Skin dyed by the sun, kissed by its rays. In you contain mothers nature. You are the fruit of it,” she smiled and grabbed my tiny nose.

I giggled, “Can I be an apple mommy, I like apples?

“You can be any fruit you want to be honey. You contain the seeds of life. You are the soil that forth the flowers. You have tears that cleanses me, you are joy, you are the smile on my face. You are power. You are black. Let no one, no man, nobody take it away from you. You have a power to move worlds and they know that. You are a woman.

I shot her a look of confusion, unaware of anything, “I just want to be an apple because they are sweet!”

Circles and More Circles and More

Circles and More Circles and More

If you were a geometric shape (e.g. square, circle, isosceles triangle, etc.), what would you be and why?

So I am going to do part of the The Finicky Cynic “June ‘Jour’ Challenge” I am rather late in it, but this prompt stood out to me the most. It took me no time to answer either. What geometric shape would I be…hmm, easily, a circle?

So why a circle? A circle is too me the basic, original geometric shape that has the deepest meaning. It’s the basic design leading into the Flower of life symbol which is said to be the design that created the universe. As every math problem, every line, every thought stems from the creation of the Flower of Life. It is only right I pick something that represents the deepest part of me.

The Flower Of Life

 The Flower Of Life 

The flower of life is part of the sacred Geometry our ancestors some how strangely knew of. The great ancient civilizations in our human history all shared this one symbol. It can be found in every major religion some are remixed into portions of the symbol, but overall, it reaches every cornerstone of the world. It can seen etched in stone and clay tablets in flow with the story of their civilization. Somehow, the civilization knew all about this symbol with no connections with each other. How is that even possible?

The makings of the symbol consist of evenly drawn circles overlapping each other to form flower like symbols. It’s actually very easy to make with a protractor. you just draw a circle and then at the anywhere on the line of the circle you place the point of the protractor and draw the same pattern over and over. It’s quite the learning experience as every inch, every placement counts.

This symbol is everywhere in nature. As for me, while going through my spiritual journey I was enamored at the mass of information I was receiving. Learning I am part of everything and everything is part of me is astounding. A Circle is never ending as I am never ending. We are never ending. We are always is!

How fun is that…( better then being told I’m a sinful, dirty beast, born into a evil world and wickedness).

Here is SpiritScience  Better in-dept explanation on The Flower Of Life. These People are just Ah-May-Zing!

Social Exchange

Social Exchange

Just a very simple post…

Are you guys on any other media platforms like instagram, snapchat, twitter, and tumblr? Facebook is corney.

I’m  thinking of getting pinterest, though I’m not sure about it. Would you guys recommended ?

Either way, what are your outlets comment below.

Since my asking you first,  I will follow first.


UPDATE: Birthday, Hamptons, Instagram, School & More.

UPDATE: Birthday, Hamptons, Instagram, School & More.

Alright! my peoples, who are you all guys are going?  I am doing well over here, thanks for asking. And if you didn’t ask, well…thank you anyways.  So in my last post, I spoke about a few of my May favorites. Which as of now they still are but I can’t wait to express some of my June favorites at the end of the month. However, since then, approximately 14 days past and I can say I pretty pleased with how things are going on.



In front of the Cohens Estate

First, I am now 23. My birthday was on June 6 and guys, I had the best birthday ever! I haven’t enjoyed my birthday since my single digit days running up and down the Discovery Zone, which I believe is now out of business. The Discovery Zone was like the better version of Chuckie Cheese and McDonalds Playhouse. What made it so fun was because I celebrated my 23rd birthday in the Hampton. Yes! I am like so jumping for joy!

Breathe, okay, let me simmer.


My phone actually took this, my edit skills perfected this!



part of the “Stuff” were these “poodle” bracelets. A term my friend made up as we felt very pure and boogie the whole day. “Just something to walk your poodle in”

Alright, yeah, I’m ready. So, everything fell into place being that the event in the Hampton happened to be on the same day as my birthday. Perfect!. I went with a good friend of mine and an art teacher/friend. The event was a charity type donation place where people basically auctioned money to fund this school. The estate was gratifying! I never seen a house as big as this up close in personal. They had a tennis court in their front yard with 12-13 foot bushes and a beach in their backyard. Not to forget the pool along with an array of pretty flowers. The food was elegantly made, I was around expensive people. It was such a tasteful, inspiring, learning experience. I’m glad I looked the part! I left there feeling so blessed. I also left full with a few sandwiches in my bag along with other dainty Hampton stuff. I am never ever, ever, ever, going to forget such an experience. I want plenty of more of those. Actually, I want a mentor to guide me to those expenses. I want to taste the crisp air again. Until then, I will read the Hampton’s magazine and practice Law of Attraction. Ha!

Instagram lifestyle



Aesthetics dahling! Aesthetics, aesthetics, aesthetics! Its all about the aesthetics of Instagram. Yeah, well many people may think it’s taken too seriously, but on the one hand, it does make you pay attention to whats around you more. Lately, I have been taking my Instagram feed and trying to make it more  “aesthetically pleasing” Which  is this new trendy thing going on. Basically, the goal is to have every picture compliment each other with the same borders, filters, colors, etc. Thus, you create a theme. I’ve seen some awe creative feeds that makes me scream YES! and I seen some that just makes me unfollow!  In a future post I will explain how I edit my photos, but in the mean time I need to learn how to perfect it now that I got the right tools. I think I may need an Iphone 6 or invest in a professional camera. I like quality things and social media outlets are another extension of yourself, I believe. With that, I think its very cool to have your mini representations look nice. Eventually, it will look like some brand when everything flow and is cohesive. This why I wanted to change my blog name to SardonicLaughs, though I’m realizing I may loose all my content in the process. That’s so dumb! Whether you like it or not you are being judged and look at like some brand. When need be to market myself, I want my outlets to represent me uniquely and entirely. When I tried to do a whole new IG it got deleted in the same day, like really…I was so pissed! Whatever now I will just learn the tricks and the trades. Follow me though @sardoniclaugh, please!


Now we all know my struggle with college has been essence of drama ever since the death of romeo. Good news burst through my email about a week ago ( starts doing the shamoney). BMCC accepted me, Yes! thank the law of attraction yet again as it always a method of prevail. I swear! I was like jumping for joy, like literally in my house on my bed spazzing out! Like honestly I was so stoked. I can now finish with in the next two years maybe even faster! I can give my parents a graduation, feel complete, then move on with my life! Surprisingly, I am hype to return back to this place. Reason be it cause I will be taking courses I hand picked, perfecting my writing skills with my new writing & literature major as well as taking up Italian. My path is finally clear! all I have to do now is drive straight to the finish line after 7 years…


I’ve been enjoying myself a little more lately, meaning I have been focusing a lil’ more on myself more than I have ever before. I took a risk like three weeks ago and that was to just randomly ask these people to jump double dutch at union square park. This was unnerving because I can be extremely shy to the point I will miss out on opportunities because of it. Double dutch has been very close to for as far back as the age of 5. However, due to society my parents banned me from jumping it because it was girly, and perpetuates more teasing and so forth. In return, I would sneakily jump double dutch when my parents weren’t around. It was thrilling to be rebelling the way that I was, but also scary when I got caught.  Now, I am able to fill the deep desire to do Double-Dutch-Entertainers-e1361180285187jump and do what I like without a care in the world. It’s amazing that I took the chance to ask and now I’m meeting new people. I am doing what I like to do by myself. I am proud of myself honestly, It just fine tunes another facet of me.  I am glad that I am exploring myself into these areas from voguing to double dutch, writing and more. I am doing what pleases and interest me and its rewarding.  I’m much more happier than I have been in months, Ideally because schools is out and summer is here, laugh out loud. Oh, yeah and I started dancing again and performing this weekend in Harlem, NY. So excited to be on stage again in a custom being me!

Expert level much!

Well, I think that is all for now. I’m thinking about posting on a scheduled basis like twice a week at a certain time that way its best for consistency, organization, and expectations for readers. I’m still on the fence about my blog name, blah! Until next time, CIAO!

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Daily Prompt: In the Summertime


tumblr_mslv4zI7zI1reaf9no1_1280    I came across something on my Tumblr today while at work and I though I’d share. It was a post of a quote that said, “No wifi…Talk to each other. Call your mom. pretend its 1993. Live.” I thought it was a nice jab to our current society ways and how we live. I was going to by pass this and just “like” and move on until I saw the comments the went along with it.

I mean, like, of course we “live”. Jordan means higher social status, Iggy invented rap, Azealia banks twitter rants are better than The Bad Girls Club, Beyoncé is Jesus reincarnated and yeah, we totally are living in our means!

In a fashion that’s understood by Tumblr things post tend to have a mind of its own and people really bluntly share their opinions then share with the world, which I love by the way, we have a voice! Each comment had with it a sense of teaching I thought was so cute and so true.

 The comments went as follows:







Oh, the joy! I found the last comment to be the most profound  ending it with “Be.” It’s just so simple yet so powerful and refreshing to hear.  The hippie in my head is jumping! I wonder how a future one like this would sound like?

“No telepathy.  Use your mouth to speak.
Add your mom on Facebook. Pretend its 2015.

What are your versions?

Social Media

Social Media Issues…Yup!

Recently I deleted my Facebook for many reasons mostly from feeling tired of Facebook. I had roughly 800 friends that can be divided into my grade school “Friends,” my high school “friends,” and my gay “friends.”
First, lets clarify that the quoted Friends can easily be replaced with acquaintances or people-who-I-once-knew-but-no-longer-don’t. Straight like that.
I am a heavy Facebook user to the point of almost addiction. I have tried to wean myself of this addiction plenty before. I have signed out the app and deleted it off my phone, but I ended up going around that and signing on through Google chrome on my phone. 
It defeated the purpose of withdrawing if it kept on rebelling against myself anyways

so I downloaded the app again to suffer the same issues but not limited to:
1.seeing frequent status about drugs
2. people doing unnecessary tagging on friends post like “Stacy just took a bite of my soup”
3.posting about one being horny and using a eggplant emoji as a symbolism.
4.Shared violent graphic negative videos
5. The lady with the holes in her tits
6.more violent shared videos
7. depressing pictures of dissembled body parts
8. Naked selfies
and so on…

So right off the back you can easily shut me up with the “it’s your friends, you accepted them, it’s your fault” statement.
Which I’m like, okay, its true, I get it! I can easily unfollow them and be very selective on who I accept as a friend. I personally don’t mind accepting who ever, just don’t become a ghost. I have some percentage  of, if I add you I expect you to live up some one of the title as friends, but no. I have people add just to either:
A) Be another number
B) Be nosey
C) Hit on you
I have had many situations where I’ve added someone and they see me in person and act like they did not press the add friend button moments ago, or that I simply accepted their request and they received the notification. 

It’s like why add me. I don’t get it.
And not all Is bad, even though I am subjected constantly to bullshit all day long. Facebook can simply be worst the T.V. Scratch that Facebook IS worst then TV just not as brainwashing.  I’ve learned that people are actually more bold and can be more negative on Facebook. I know a person who in real life is actually sweet. We can call him/her Billy. However, on Facebook Billy is this suicidal depressing Bob or this deranged curly hair sally that I never witnessed that is two steps from jump off a cliff.

Then the burden comes in when you want to clean out your Facebook and remove people without offending them. I think we all have felt victim of this, that if someone removes you as a friend on Facebook you feel as if they removed you from their life. 

Why is that?

When I deactivated my Facebook for about three days I felt free. I felt like I deleted a chunk of negativity out my life. I joined Tumblr and made over my twitter. There I become selective on how I want my content to look. I wanted my twitter to be about bullshit to keep me relevant and I wanted my Tumblr to throw positive visions about things that really actually intrigues me; like nature, spirituality, African- American Ideals, and fashion.  With just in a matter of days I felt like I found a community with in Tumblr that likes what I like and will consistently speak about what I like. I even learned so much about Ferguson Riots through Tumblr and twitter. On Facebook forget about it, people are to busy posting naked selfies and fishing for likes. I found control in social media. I still believe Tumblr to be the best! Facebook not so much, I don’t know why, it’s to me bad. Just bad. I can’t even find the community and like minded individuals as I did on Tumblr. I believe each social media outlet are different and meant for different things.

I reactivated my Facebook though, and deleted and unfollowed roughly 200-300 people. It’s much cleaner. I don’t feel unorthodox for commenting on someone status who I don’t know, especially after they were the ones who requested me.

So how do you feel about the content of your Facebook and or other Social Media Outlets?