The Power In Writing For Desires

There’s this newer process in manifesting your desires that I know will be so beneficial to everyone, especially the writers! Well, maybe it’s not so new, but it a process worth trying.  People may look at this and say its writing to Jesus, God, or a letter to the Universe. It’s all three honestly. However, this process has futuristic twist, because that is exactly what you are doing, writing for the future.

In a sense what you are doing is writing out how you want your life to be. Writing out how you would want your life to be in 2-4 months or maybe more it’s up to you.  You have to write as if you already got the things you asked for whether it be a new car, job, relationship, or well-being.  Therefore, everything is in the present tense. A close example would be if you were reading your journal entry from the future. How would it sound like? What great things happened? How did it make you feel and why?

This exercise should be read twice a day everyday for 30 days (results may vary). It will go something like this:

           Dear Universe

                       I couldn’t be anymore excited at my new job at ____. It makes me so happy to wake up every morning enthusiastic about going to my job. It brings me joy to be doing something that I always wanted. The coworkers are amazing, my boss is so polite to me. We frequently share many laughs with each other. I am happy I can be myself fully here. They welcome me with opening arms. I am eager to be here during the weekThey pay me more than I expected. I am truly grateful for this. 

You want to be as detailed in your feelings as possible. I even looked up positive feeling words to give my writing more diversity and reduce redundancy. This is important! The magic in this is you are reminding yourself of your desires everyday while practicing the feeling for it. Same goes for attracting your relationship, you want to include all the positive things you want in a partner. For an example:

                               Dear Universe,
                                          My relationship is filled with love and ease. My boyfriend/Girlfriend and I frequently explore the city creating fun memories together. We saw The Lion King on Broadway, we even went to my favorite restaurant. I love how nice my partner is. He/She listen to me so well and respects my opinions. Our love is so easy and fun. We always make sure we have fun with each other. This is the relationship I always wanted and it feels amazing. Breathing became sweeter when the love from him/her is blown against me.

Anybody that knows the Law Of Attraction knows how positive thoughts and feelings are important when asking and manifesting. This exercise puts you in the place of already having it, while starting up powerful visualization.  The key factor in creating is visualizing the end result. The end result is in the future and you are practicing the feeling of it NOW! Include many areas of your life into this entry to the Universe. I started off with my eating healthier and its effects on my body, to my internship I want, abundance of money, and more.

Have fun with it.

Remember twice a day everyday for 30 days results may vary. Below is a video that explained how and why this process works. It’s an enjoyable video and it will make you laugh.

The Kiss That Went Kablooie

Aw! “It just goes kablooie”

This little boy explains his emotions so fluently. He is so appreciative and astounded by a simple kiss

This is why I love kids. They are just so true to themselves.

Watch yourself smile at this one here

How Much Do I Care About This Social Life of Mine?

 There’s Introverts, extroverts, anti-socials, Social lite, Facebook-ers, Tumblers’, then there’s me.


I am not blah, but I definitely took a major sigh like the one you took yesterday when you ran into traffic, or when you were squished on the 2 train during rush hour, or when your child spilled food today.I sighed–not so dramatically–only because, okay well, it’s not a difficult topic in my life, but I’m trying now to stabilize it. Here’s what I mean:

When it came to my social life growing up, I guess you can the people around me were stabled. Predominately only being surround by school friends, they served as my stability to about roughly 6th-7th grade. I always wanted that one best friend growing up but I never really did, well, I had one who lived below me but he wasn’t part of my “school friends” clique so when about outside people thought he was socially awkward. Maybe It’s me, but as a kid you can be anybody’s best friend. Eventually, we ended up grow apart. I believed merely because I started to become engaged with more and more people in school and found a “clique” to be in. By this time, around the 6th-7th grade period, I guess you can say I was alone. Walking to and from school I did by myself and only associated with people while at school. As for weekends were filled with many things like sleeping at my cousins house or playing video games. I became a homebody. Summers I stayed in all the time until my mother kicked me out to get some fresh air. I didn’t know whom to call downstairs or what to do. Going to the “big park” became deserted. My social life as a kid were heavily based on school and summer camps. The people in these areas never intertwined. So, I, without notice became used to inconsistency.

It wasn’t until late 7th grade, early eighth grade I found a strong clique that fulfilled me in so many areas. I tasted the sweetness in strong bonds and stability amongst my peers that accepted me.  It was a group of outcast so to speak, you had one nerd, one punk, one religious freak, one gay, one slut, one jock, and two “extras.” Extras meaning a friend of another that just happened to be around and melted in the pot with the rest. We had immense amount of memories that I would forever take with me. They solidified what I call “Home friends” simply from having so many experiences in such a short time. We spent every season almost everyday hanging together as a group in the library afterschool doing everything. From gossip to homework to be banned from the library we went through it all together, Truth or Dares, sleepovers and fights, the list goes on.

Things changed however. At least with me.

Around the time of high school that following year, it was like rebirth. I was stripped of all I knew two months prior. This huge high school and I barely knew anybody. I knew no one honestly. I didn’t feel like “coming out” again and finding my nitch that I knew all too well. Going to the library became dry and almost redundant for we didn’t arrive at the same time. all of us in different schools meant going home at different times. I was the only one who didn’t travel outside the community for school. eventually, we ended up becoming friends with newer people. Or maybe it was just me. See, very early into my high school year I started dancing and became absorbed and exposed to much more than I can bargain for. The dance I joined was filled with seniors that, if you say, whipped my maturity into shape. I finally, did joined a hobby that I loved dearly. This group of new people took me upstate to dance and all around NYC. At only 15, a boy who didn’t know much outside his community was exposed to so much. Dating became prevalent and solidifying my sexuality and more made up 2008. I felt like, my home friends were still in this immature bracket. I felt like this, “My new friends are better for they are doing so many new things and I am experiencing so much and doing many new fun exciting things. So it’s not that I don’t want to hang out with you guys, but I’m traveling to places and you guys are still playing truth or dare.” So I distance myself from them, gradually, and not from a direct conscious choice. As for the times I did, I would be like, “I want hang with my dance team.”  I became M.I.A to them.

A point came to when the dance team I was with that shaped my teenage years I moved on from them too. I wanted to in a sense be around more people like me, I wanted to gay friends and learn about what is was to be that. I didn’t want to feel like the token gay kid…that was very boring. So I left that group, joined another, that group closed, and joined another. Over the span of the four years rapid changes were constant. Every year was almost drastically different from the rest. This resulted me to become okay and fine with people coming and going and loosing connections with people as time went on. I built a mentality to keep in touch with those are presently around me. So, If I changed dance groups then the connections of the people in the previous group will be diminishing or just lost.  I didn’t find it important to stabilize anybody. I felt what ever I’m going through is so much in a disconnect to “old friends” it made no sense to even communicate with them constantly as once before.
In other words, the bonds that connected me to many people were severed once I changed into a new endeavor. Conversation diminished from not being around and things being ” you have to be there to know” or “So much to catch you up on” or explaining un-relatable experiences, it all just became like so much effort to me.
There came a time right after high school (2010) that I was removed from all groups of friends from the past. My home friends, my school friends, my dance friends all came to a halt. I realize entering college I had to repeat the same situation I went through in 2007. I didn’t want to. I didn’t make friends at school and working on weekends made it even harder.
All I was really was left with was myself for a good year. Most of my social life were based off Facebook.

Two social groups or standpoints after that fell apart two in about two years afterwards the only that that remained the same was my relationship. As I started a new endeavor I wanted to make due with the people in this new hobby but realized I couldn’t it was toxic to do so. The people I couldn’t relate to at all outside of my hobby so it hindered my building relationships with people. I just accepted it as this is who I am and I am not just built for clique because my life pulls me from it often. I had the ability to blend and form myself into cliques if I choose too but not enough will power to sustain. It wasn’t until recently after some readings and self reflection, and my significant other I decided it not too late to still rekindle with specific people and strengthen my bond with them. I have the lovely power of choice to choose whom I can keep close and sustain with.  I know the type of people I can bond with effortlessly and the old friends who will effortlessly welcome me back into their lives. Why? well, because although changes happened in my life so drastically, bridges were never broken in the process.

It got to the point where if someone  want to befriend me I would keep them at a very far distance to prevent the scenarios repeating itself. I would be say,” well I’m inconsistent so you’re going to have to accept that and deal with it.” It wasn’t the fear of getting to close, it was the obligation that comes with cliques and best friend titles that I didn’t want to live up too. I wanted to hang out with whom ever and not feel like I’m betraying which rarely happens, however, I am homebody also which played in part when some of my peers wanted to go out every weekend. It wasn’t me, plus, I didn’t have the money, and I live in a far place in NYC. So, Late night travels after clubs aren’t fun…especially waiting for a 20 minute bus in -1 degree weather.

although I may have liked the idea of being mysterious and the ability to be a social butterfly if I choose, consistency is still relatively important. I can still live my life and remain stabled with friends who aren’t doing the exact same thing. I like the fact I can pick and choose from various points of my life of people I want to befriend with and make my own circle of friends without being a circle of friends. It’s like wearing different labels at once and not feeling like I have to by all my clothes from one store. The freedom in that is amazing!

So inspired by my significant other need for some stability in my social life, with other added experiences and new wants in my life I am making steps currently in strengthening bonds with people that comes effortlessly. Well, that all so far my self reflection

NEXT UP: I got the chance to dance with FERGIE and KELLY OSBURNE !

Recommended Reads: My Favorite Books

Eat, Pray, Love

 I’m currently re-read this book for the second maybe third time. I bought on my nook where I can highlight and note take without destroying the pages. Why I recommend this book? well, besides the fact it was starred by the famous Julia Roberts, I am inspired by self help and spiritual journey books. In a brief summary if you have seen the movie its basically depress girl indulges in Italian culture of food and people. Then, Liz flies to India to learn self discipline, prayer, and her higher self.  Lastly, she goes to Bali to find love, well not intentionally but she does anyways. I love this book, especially when she is in Italy eating all day!


I haven’t finished this book yet, talk bout POWERFUL. The reason why I recommend this book is because its extremely good and brings a lot of interesting perspective and reasoning to many things about yourself. I haven’t finished the book because deep down I feel like my mind doesn’t want to finish it and be figured out.  My mind avoids the need to pick up this book like the need to do other things when its time to do homework. The book is sort of difficult to get through because of the new understanding it brings. It like understanding Albert Einstein…okay, maybe that’s a strong comparison. Either way, its still a learning experience worth buying



This book changed my LIFE! I random fell upon this book at the age of 18 in 2010. It was just chilling at my grandmothers house I decided to look at it and it opened my mind to so many things. It was like the secrets of society and its cruelness was finally explained to me. He explained the money making scams to sell medicinal drugs, show insight on how to really  take care of yourself whether or not these cures actually work, it’s extremely informative and benefice for your life! This what really ignite the spiritual side in me although its not spiritual book.



This is my new bible. I swear to everything I love whether or not you actually believe the author spoke with the devil or not. You learn so much about how negativity spreads, how negativity grabs the hold on people. You’ll learn to how to be self sufficient. I actually reference this book in a post once explaining how to teach children. It’s by far one the best books I’ve read.



NEED I SAY MORE. THIS BOOK COMPELLS ME TO BE A WRITER!  I’m sort of being lazy by not elaborating on the book. This book is old though, most of my mother generation read this book. They came out with a corny ass movie that do this book the worst reference. This book is AMAZING! TEN STARS!  The whole entire series was just outstanding. I cannot stress how much this book made me want to write. It made me find my writing voice. It inspired me to grab the readers by the eyes and ripped them out with just my words alone. This book is a masterpiece.

That’s all.
Any suggestions for me ?

What books spoke to you the most?

Writer’s Block Party: Food, Drinks, and Confusion For FREE!

Daily Prompt: Writers Block Party

When was the last time you experienced writer’s block? What do you think brought it about — and how did you dig your way out of it?


Everyday @ anytime! located on In Your Mind Street Between the Devil and Inspirational Avenue

Come meet local mourners around you and celebrate one of the most forgotten writers diseases in history of inscribing 

That’s it, just wanted to promote this event.

So… To  answer this question I am currently in a writers block and have been for the whole summer. Why? Well, because I want to start on my memoir and don’t know how to begin. Also, I don’t want to relive some of the most haunting memories. I just know I have a great story to tell. I don’t want to spell all that I am going to write in that book on here. Then, I don’t want to update nonsense. I want to update quality that is going to attract people. This is not Facebook and Twitter.

Yes, Daily prompt helps to a degree, it helps me stay relevant. I don’t like to feel forced to write or write about what some one else suggested. I want my blog to be organic.

I figure I have to read or experience more so i have something to write about. This is so not the journey I thought blogging will be. I never really experience the pressure of writers block until i started blogging. Well I never really took writing seriously prior to that.

I figure if I follow, read more write more, I can write more, I don’t know.I know I am still in a writers block. So I cant even say how I got out of it.

Teach yourself, To Then Teach Your Kids

I am re-reading a wonderful book for probably the third time called
Outwitting The Devil  by Napoleon Hill, famous author of Think Grow Rich

It a book describing the experience Mr. Hill had explaining his contact with the devil. This book was originally written in 1938, but was not published until 2011

Whether you believe the content of the this interview styled book to be true or not.
You cannot deny the extreme truth soundness of the content.

I do want to quote a sections that explains things to better children to become achievers and not be swindling by the workings of the “Devil” which its just everything negative down to the negative particle of an atom so to speak.

-Teach the students how to budget and use time, and above all teach the truth that time is the greatest asset available to human beings and the cheapest.
-Teach children what to eat, how much to eat, and what is the relationship between proper eating and sound health.
-Teach children to be definite in all things, beginning with the choice of a definite major purpose in life!
– Teach children the nature and the value of self-control.
– Teach children not to have opinions unless they are formed from facts or beliefs which may reasonable be accepted as facts. Teach children that cigarettes, liquor, narcotics, and overindulgence in sex destroy the power of will and lead to the habit of drifting. Do not forbid these evils-just explain them.
– Teach children the danger of believing anything merely because their, parents, religious instructors, or someone else says it is so.
– Teach children to be true to themselves at all times and, since they cannot please everybody, therefore to do a good job of pleasing themselves.

This book has way more inquisitive meaning life learned lesson to take with you. I love this book, pretty much my bible!

I really recommend it!   



This growing freedom feels great.
I can almost tear thinking about the possibilities of what I can do for I am not in a relationship anymore.

I can focus on myself and what I want to do for me. I can be 22 years old.
 Before, I calculated my move and prevented myself from doing many things on the account of my partner.  I was afraid everything I do will be wrong. If I go to a friends/associates house he doesn’t know, If I go somewhere without telling him, If I say or handle any situations I don’t like.

It was underhanded manipulation. I felt taking for granted.
You have to understand how it feels to constantly be in the wrong in someone eyes and never appreciated as fully as you appreciated. Don’t get my wrong I had my fault in some too that was completely understandable.

however, I know for sure 90% of my actions did not hurt the relationship. I have been emotionally stomped on with the person who plays the relationship card monthly.

The disrespect, the mind games, the manipulation, all of that is no more and I am so happy.
At first it I didn’t understand it. I mourned, I felt very sad and low like any normal breakup.

But what woke me up was even after all is said and done I still got faulted on, angered at, blamed and all the above. Which forces me to automatically be the victim. I for one am tired of being the victim after constantly showing my love for someone.

I could’ve been treated better.

but Now, I can roam the city freely, learn to love myself again, learn to love someone else and take the lesson I’ve learned the passed three years.

I can spend the night at a friends house and don’t have to worry. Spend money on me and only me.

and just simply be RIGHT!

IF you have experience some form of freedom after a break up or anything rather, share in the comment box