Token Black Kid Struggles

The funniest video to date!

I swear, Buzzfeed nails its every time. No, seriously they do.

So in this video, they play on the struggles being on the only black friend goes through. I personally never went through this experience, but I know of close friends who have. And I know they struggles of finding foundations of your own color. It’s pretty astonishing.

But enough of the small talk and have big laughs! Oh, and my favorite Quinta B is here. Way too funny.

College Under a Minute

I hate college. Period. Point. Blank. I don’t like this four year scam.

On a hilarious note, I came across another laugh of the day!

by Buzzfeed yet again. I love their videos and probably would forever share them.

I honestly, need to be, and will be in one of their videos!

Take a look