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College Under a Minute

I hate college. Period. Point. Blank. I don’t like this four year scam.

On a hilarious note, I came across another laugh of the day!

by Buzzfeed yet again. I love their videos and probably would forever share them.

I honestly, need to be, and will be in one of their videos!

Take a look

Summer Nights


The gentle night winds tickles my skin like falling feathers and pink petals.
The sun is down and the night is young.
The atmosphere is calming and soothing.

PrewievI’m walking along the green grass with my arms straight like an airplane. I smile and pretend to fly through the night sky happily. For summer nights are the only time mother nature doesn’t restrict me with a curfew of the cold.
I can sit on a bench and enjoy the serenity look up at the sky and think.
I can feel at ease with the space around me.

“Summer, after all, is a time when wonderful things can happen to people. For those few months you’re not required to be who everyone thinks you are. The fresh cut grass smell in the air & the chance to dive into the deep end of a pool, gives you courage you didn’t think you had. Summer just opens the door and lets you free.”

Something about the nights of summer that captivates me in a trance of openness and freedom.
maybe, because I am up while half he world is sleep. there are no sound pollution, no crowds of people just me, this grass, this sky and me.

I appreciate the insomnia that allows me to fully absorb the beauty of both night and day.untitled
I want to get lost in the darkness of the night”.

Nighttime were the earth resets itself and purifies, maybe I am partaking in the renewal process and that’s what I am feeling as I blend with the breeze.

I love summer nights.
Summer nights love me too!