How to Manifest Your Desires With The New Moon.

How to Manifest Your Desires With The New Moon.

New beginnings are possible. Usually, In the midst of your own chaotic life the last thing you want to hear is to start right now, or trick yourself into the mindset that a new day means a new beginning. Especially, when your day is moved by the stress from the night before, or the pressure of what lies ahead in the future. Sometimes, we need to mentally prepare ourselves for a new beginning rather then switch gear in a snap of a finger. Thankfully, there are the moon cycles to help seed, cultivate, and manifest our desires. Yay!


Joining the flow of nature, working with the natural order of things makes life easier for us and grants us with greater return. Farmers knew this, for they harvest seeds during the new moon finding out crops tend to be more richer and more lively then. “Gardening by The Moon” it’s called. It’s an age old folklore. The same process applies to us when we want to manifest our truest intentions bringing up more of our wants into fruition; Write down your desire (plant), Feel your desire as if you have it now (water), and let universe bring it to you (watch it grow). Like the Chia commercialsch-ch-chia!. Quotation-Steve-Maraboli-life-success-motivation-water-goals-inspirational-action-order-Meetville-Quotes-7196

To use the moon cycle for guidance and for you benefit here’s what you do:

1. Find the next new moon.

2. Light candles, play music, put yourself in a good mood and setting.

3. Burn incense or sage to clear the rooms energy.

4.With a pen and paper right down your desires in present tense, “I now invite into my life experience…” “I now have..” “I am…” Do not limit yourself. Don’t feel ashamed for how big or how small of your wants. The size doesn’t matter to the universe only your alignment with your goals with proper thoughts and feelings matter.

Loa5. Visualize your goals dreams and desire. Take a moment to meditate on these goals. You should be smiling and feeling good with imagining your goals. Have as much fun as you have. Remember the happier the faster.

6. Make a vision board, to further deepen your visualizations.

7. Burn the list, hide the list, detach yourself from the list. Constant dwelling on when your goals going to come further pushes them away delaying the fruition. Trust that the universe will provide for you.

8. Thank the universe for manifesting your desires and feel the gratitude, then be!

6 Ways To Manifest Things Into Your Life

Many people have seen the highly talked about movie “The Secret” that explained this Universal tumblr_nhmln6Fm7z1qb3kfdo1_1280 Law of Attraction. The law of Attraction, is the understanding that we attract everything into our life experience. We attract the stalker, the negative friends, the moment you found a dollar on a floor, compliments and more.  With true understanding we as humans have the ability to use this gravitation force to our advantage.  It’s said by many spiritualist that this Law is based of our emotions. As we are emotion beings, the Universe or the “God” energy listens to this as a wish and grants it. In other words, if you are feeling anger you would attract more things that will anger you. As if you are happy, you will attract more things that will make you happy. If you are praying for getting out of “debt” you are basically asking for “debt” because that is what you are dwelling on the universe doesn’t understand you “logic of I want to be financially stabled.”  That’s our language. What should be said is, “I want money to pay off my debt,” or “I am financially stabled” which reverts your prayers or wants into a more positive affirmation to get exactly what you want.

Happiness and joy and all positive emotions are our natural state of being. We came into this world knowing and happy. Kids are a prime example and the best example of how we are tumblr_nf4tmhLVKR1qb3kfdo1_1280naturally. Kids are always joyous. They do nothing but play laugh and ask for what they want. It’s not until we are told to grow up we loose that young lively spirit to handle responsibilities. Oh how daunting that word is. Nevertheless, being always happy always joyous and optimistic we have the ability to “Ask. Believe. Receive” all that we want from life.  We do this with our thoughts.

Our thought pattern is drastically important as it translates our experience. The quote, “What you shall seek you shall find” couldn’t be anymore profound in its truth. However, as simple as it is and easy to understand many tend to relate this to negative experiences like looking for dirt. This understanding applies to both ends of the spectrum. If you seek happiness you shall find it. If feeling and being happy is very important to you, then the Law have no choice but to match that. I hope I am not loosing anybody when I explain how our mind is the most powerful instrument created. I am fairly new in this field, but I can say I have experience a few times this phenomena.


1. Know What You Want. Know Your Desire.
Have you ever been asked what you want from life? When I was asked surprisingly I was stumped. My brain never been quite as long as it has trying to answer this question. If you don’t know what you want, then you don’t know what you are asking for therefore your wish cannot be granted. A way to find out is by knowing what you don’t want. When you understand that dualistic nature everything has being hot/cold, rich/poor, up/down, left/right, you can find you what you want by what you don’t want.

Saying, “I don’t want to be poor”, is saying, “I want to be rich.”
“I don’t like my boss being mean I wish he would stop” to “When my boss is nice to me we get along better and I feel better.”

2. ASK

Make a CLEAR thesis statement on what you want.  “I want…” More commonly, make a wish list and pick what speaks to you the most and use that as a point of focus to deliver into the universe.


This is by far the most tricky part and crucial. This is where you have to apply the “Fake it till you make it” technique and the “Speak into existence” technique to understand this step. You have to believe what  you want is rightfully yours with no doubt or guilt in it. Many of times, we confuse our wants by limiting ourselves as if we are valuable enough to want a luxury car or lots of money.  Have FAITH that you will get what you want no matter what and don’t break it.


Don’t dwell upon when and how you are going to get what you want. That’s what is going to immediately short circuit the path to receiving what you want. Don’t sit in the dwelling thought of “Its not here yet” because you are then acknowledging that it is not here and it will not come. Try not to dwell in the thought on how you going to get it either, cause then you are limiting the magical ways of getting it ( not all desire will come for free). Just let go, and let God as they say.

5. Be Thankful.
This is the process that speeds up the rate of your manifestation. You have to be thankful of everything you have. Literally. From the air you breathe to the bed you sleep on. It’s also a great way to stay happy. To stay happy means you are in your natural state and flow of the ways of nature. The more harmonious you are with nature the better your life experience. Be Thankful.

6. Awareness

Watch for the clues and opportunities that will bring you closer to your desire. Not all signs are going to be a punch in a face and handed to you. If you are unaware and not focus in the being you can miss opportunities. In my experience my path to my desire came in a simple phone call. A friend told me about a website to shop from where I could possible purchase a laptop. And guess what? she was right, and now I have it =D

Scientist understand this with the field of Quantum Physics, but this understanding has been understood and practice years before that. Even some celebrities understands this law and practice it. Like Jim Carrey. The famous comedian before he became loved by the world, wrote a check for 10 million dollars to himself. He stashed in his wallet and possibly about 1o years later he got his huge acting film “Dumb and Dumber” that paid him 10 million dollars.

And guess what’s in my wallet. Yup, checks signed by the universe.

There are other many ways to manifest which in the root of it are all the same. For a more fluent speaker on this topic look at the master herself Abraham Hicks.