Call 1800-Call-CaptinSaveAPet

Daily Prompt – Daring Do.

Tell us about the time you rescued someone else (person or animal) from a dangerous situation. What happened? How did you prevail?

Journal Entry #256
Date: September 6 2014.

Dear Journal,
It’s me again. Your one and only friend. This tea I am drinking right now it’s so relaxing. It’s organic green tea from China. I flew there about twenty minuets ago. Yes, I am that fast at flying. It’s a God giving gift. Don’t be upset journal. It’s sounds like you are upset at me journal. What did I do to you? Of course I abandoned you for several days I am a super pet hero it’s my duty. No! I cannot take you with me journal. You’re just a book. Okay, I shouldn’t have said that I am sorry. I’m really sorry. You have been there for me when ZuZu lilly pup was stuck in a tree and my cape got caught in the branches. I nearly almost died from suffocation. You was there though. Keeping me company. You gave me strength to prevail when some near by hobo was about to open up and read you. My life would’ve been over. My identity ruined. But I look up to the sky and said, ” I am a super pet hero. We do not suffer in the hands of adversity!” and saved the pet while smacking the hobo stupid in an instant. Journal I get it, I know trust me, I understand. Would you please stop staring at me with blink lines! I didn’t even get the chance to right in you yet and you are already scolding me. For crying out loud black book I had to save Stacy’s cat from the ladybug that was about to attack her. Yes! don’t under estimate ladybugs. You know what I don’t want to hold this conversation with you anymore. You are being extremely selfish and not understanding of my duty as a super-pet-hero. Damn, I even got my own hotlines today. Give me a break!


What I am about to tell you is something I have been withholding for a very long, long long time. I was afraid to say it and publicize it without the fear of being judged and looked down upon.

I know somethings many don’t know.
No one at all knows this…

I was told about the end of times that defies all belief’s. Don’t worry from whom it wouldn’t matter. However its been in front of our faces for many,  many years. Warning us, but we as humans don’t listen unless it’s a psychological shock.

So I am delivering this message to open your eyes. it up to you to believe, you do have a choice.

  1. The sunset
  2. 59 seconds & minutes
  3. December 31
  4. When the movie ends
  5. End of your semester
  6. When you bus stops running
  7. When you phone breaks
  8. When someone eats your food you saved in the fridge
  9. When you take a shit and there’s no more tissue
  10. When your watch stops working
  11. Not hitting the lottery
  12. When your hot water decides to not function one morning
  13. When some one calls you a basic bitch.
  14. Spending money in Manhattan,NY
  15. When you believe in men
  16. When you believe in women
  17. When Bill O Reilly is your pastor for the news
  18. Obama’s last term
  19. 11:59
  20. You