BuzzFeed’s Honeymoon Stage Vs. Now

No seriously, she cracks me up every time. I don’t know, I just love relatable comedy.
The accuracy in relationship stages  are both undoubtedly funny and truthful. It’s romantic comedy.
You know I always love to share what I think is funny with you guys, so check this out.

Credit: Buzzfeed

Which Hungry Are YOU?

Mentally I am fat person. I eat way to much. My eyes are way bigger than my stomach, but it’s okay.
I got a fast metabolism.

But which hungry are you, as BuzzFeed breaks it down for us.
I think I am a Broadcasting hungry person.
My Friends may say I am all of the above mentioned in this video.
Check it out and laugh with me.
Comment which one are you =D

Token Black Kid Struggles

The funniest video to date!

I swear, Buzzfeed nails its every time. No, seriously they do.

So in this video, they play on the struggles being on the only black friend goes through. I personally never went through this experience, but I know of close friends who have. And I know they struggles of finding foundations of your own color. It’s pretty astonishing.

But enough of the small talk and have big laughs! Oh, and my favorite Quinta B is here. Way too funny.