New Yorker’s Winter in 23 Seconds

Daylight Savings is here!
We can finally kiss winter goodbye, move from under the cave, and bask in the new warmth of spring.

For New Yorker’s like myself, know how daunting  our winter can be…you busting your ass on the floor every two minutes, haha!

Which Hungry Are YOU?

Mentally I am fat person. I eat way to much. My eyes are way bigger than my stomach, but it’s okay.
I got a fast metabolism.

But which hungry are you, as BuzzFeed breaks it down for us.
I think I am a Broadcasting hungry person.
My Friends may say I am all of the above mentioned in this video.
Check it out and laugh with me.
Comment which one are you =D

When Obama Is About That #ThugLIfe

One thing I live for is Obama’s sense of humor.
Like, remind us you too are human. Not just a tyrant leader, which people somehow want our presidents to be, what ever.

Anyways, some guy decided to tell Obama not to touch his girlfriend…
Miss thing, No one wants your girlfriend. Calm Down!
If I was the girlfriend, I would’ve laughed off embarrassingly, as she did. But when reaching home, I would definitely be at his neck!

Then thank him for me making national television and the hugs and kiss. At least he knows name she is calling that night, if she knows whats right!

Token Black Kid Struggles

The funniest video to date!

I swear, Buzzfeed nails its every time. No, seriously they do.

So in this video, they play on the struggles being on the only black friend goes through. I personally never went through this experience, but I know of close friends who have. And I know they struggles of finding foundations of your own color. It’s pretty astonishing.

But enough of the small talk and have big laughs! Oh, and my favorite Quinta B is here. Way too funny.