Greatest Bloggin’ Struggles

Months ago, maybe more like a year ago I asked how to do people balance their reader. After following so many blogs, one can deal with a lot of clutter from reply to comments, reading others blogs, and making your own. On top of that, you have your daily life and other priorities to upkeep that can make commenting and reading blogs kinda tedious. I’ve been blogging a little over a year having points in time where I want to revamp and take a new direction with my site.

So far, I’d changed my layout like twice leaving it to where it is now, which I can say has a cafe feel to it. I expanded my content into subjects for viewers to pick and choose. Thus, I can organize my content while expanded my site to represent me more. I can now explore more subjects. Recently, ( like a post or two ago) I try expanding the quality of my writing. Meaning, I’m trying to upgrade my style and vocabulary when need too. When I decide to just free-write, I’m not caring too much of the technicality of things. More so an extended Facebook post.

However as my blog expands and changes over time with me, I run into a few adversities. Some of them being stats, consistency, clutter, length of post and so forth. At times I feel like I may write too long and people aren’t really into reading novels the size of Stephen king, but still want to get a handful of goodness without reading tweets, you know?

Now I am thinking about more changes I can do to my site. I am really contemplating reducing my site’s name. MesardonicMesarcastic is cool and all but very long. I can’t imagine telling someone on the street and they actually remember the entirety of it all included the extra It’s long enough to fall off a business card. Then I realize it’s easier for people to comprehend if all my social media sites are named in unison. I’m probably going to change it to SardonicLaughs, or SardonicWits. You can actually vote….

(Disclaimer: These polls are not subjected to manipulation by the Bush Administration.)

What other changes am I thinking of…uhm, well, I think–Oh yeah! I’m thinking of investing into a camera being that I want to talk photos of quality. Quality is so important…like, so-so-so important!

Anyways, I want to know what have been your stuggles blogging so far in the comment box. Also, don’t forget to vote!

9 thoughts on “Greatest Bloggin’ Struggles

  1. I voted! Now I am impatiently waiting for that nauseating sticker in red, white and blue that boasts to the world that I did, INDEED, wait in a line and cast my ballot! LOL! Just teasing you, my friend!

    The major struggle for me in blogging is often, I forget what posts that I plan to write about. That and the fact that the Washington, DC, subway system doesn’t provide courtesy pens for commuters to use!

    Much love and many naked hugs, man! 🙂


  2. No button for leaving your name as is, I like the original! (not much help) I agree about the images and the consideration for article length – mine have been getting shorter. And it does take up sooooo much time. I have to look at blogging as a warm up for my marathon (when I get back to writing my novel.) All the best. 🙂


  3. Your post was great! I actually laughed aloud when I read your Bush humor. Blogging can be difficult. I’m finding that it’s not as easy as it was last year when I started my blog. I don’t get near as many readers as I used to, even on community post days.

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  4. I think Sardonic Laughs has a better ring to it but it totally reminds me of Dapper Laughs, and that’s not a good association. Do you have him in the USA? Probably not.. but just a UK perspective for you 🙂


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