Is It called Laziness, Procrastination, Or Simply Uninspired

Is It called Laziness, Procrastination, Or Simply Uninspired

It’s been a long time since I blog something. I had strong intentions to update frequently everyday, but as I can see it ain’t happening. I am not sure if it is pure laziness, procrastination, or simply uninspired.  I would awaken  and remind myself to update my blog, but when it get time to write it feels forced, I’m tired, I don’t know what to write about. The whole nine.

I also had plans to utilize my time more constructively. The idea to at least wake up at 6 am to give myself ample time to do a little squats, stretch, meditate, blog and then start my day.  I typically wake up at 10 am and I don’t go to sleep until about 2-3.  When I get home I want to relax but I am compelled to handle my responsibilities like homework. The universe knows how I deplore homework. I find my self not doing anything by laying down scrolling through Facebook and Tumblr.

I made an attempt on my memoir too, however, I stopped after a day because I felt like I should be doing more appropriate things like school work, but I don’t want to do school work, so I don’t feel the right to do my memoir. It kinda like if punishing yourself. It’s like I know I’m suppose to do something and I shouldn’t be doing other things that is not important…so I do nothing instead.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me in a humorous way. I figure I should just say what I want to do and do it rather just not do anything and complain on what I want to do. At the end of the day I am only stopping me. I just wish I had the full drive. I lack much enthusiasm. Surprisingly, I though my peers see a lot of potential in me.

Which is restored energy…
It’s very uplifting to know people see me going places.
Because, I haven’t see it.

I digress. I will attempt to update more, again.  It’s just that I have so much on my plate and everything seems like a chore.
The wonder years of childhood!

The Power of Appreciation

The Power of Appreciation

            There’s some profound power in appreciating things in your life. It’s humbling and adds great character, but there’s a true essence appreciation has that goes beyond a platonic Thank You. A Thank You that is empty are the times when its said just to be polite and inside you don’t feel  thankful. Yeah, those types of thanks isn’t where the power lies. It’s the feeling that’s important and it’s the feeling that will bring more in which you want in your life.

             To be better creators in our experience we have to appreciate the things we have now in our lives. Many of us, including me, want to create and change our lives to the way we want it to be and it is possible! But first, we have appreciate to attract. For example, if you do something small for someone and you feel the appreciation from them, what do you want to do? Give more, of course! But if a person is asking and not appreciating, being a brat and so on, you’re more than likely going to withdraw. In the withdrawal you are actually without realizing giving the other person what they are dwelling upon…the lack of.

You don’t want to the brat. The Universe won’t translate that to your favor. Appreciation  puts you into a positive mind frame by directing pleasing thoughts into your mind. In the book Ask And It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks,  they call it Rampage of Appreciation. It is a process to do to remain in a good feeling mood to stay in alignment to the things you ask for. 

Example of this process my go:

When Grocery Shopping:  I like how this story is fully stocked. It makes searching for what I want very easily. I like how everything is organized.  It’s great that the lines are empty. I appreciate the workers not heckling down my neck to buy something. I’m excited to know the item I want is on sale.

While driving: I trust my car. I love my car. I love the navigation system in my car. These roads are smooth sailing me to my destination and it feels great. I saw beautiful scenery in this car. I saw beautiful scenery now. I appreciate the gas being so cheap.

While home: This bed is so soft and warm. I love this protection from the cold/heat I have. My cover feels like clouds. My body feels so relaxed after a long day. Relaxation is luxury and I am feeling that right now.

This is a great way to practice being optimistic.  This process also trains you to be aware of things so they will not be taking for granted.  In and everything and everything can and should be appreciated. Even in the worst of situations there’s always  a positive way to look at things.

You’re going to need this mindset when you are deliberately creating things you want into your life.

Try it. It works
Feel good feels good!

Which Hungry Are YOU?

Mentally I am fat person. I eat way to much. My eyes are way bigger than my stomach, but it’s okay.
I got a fast metabolism.

But which hungry are you, as BuzzFeed breaks it down for us.
I think I am a Broadcasting hungry person.
My Friends may say I am all of the above mentioned in this video.
Check it out and laugh with me.
Comment which one are you =D

When Obama Is About That #ThugLIfe

One thing I live for is Obama’s sense of humor.
Like, remind us you too are human. Not just a tyrant leader, which people somehow want our presidents to be, what ever.

Anyways, some guy decided to tell Obama not to touch his girlfriend…
Miss thing, No one wants your girlfriend. Calm Down!
If I was the girlfriend, I would’ve laughed off embarrassingly, as she did. But when reaching home, I would definitely be at his neck!

Then thank him for me making national television and the hugs and kiss. At least he knows name she is calling that night, if she knows whats right!