Token Black Kid Struggles

The funniest video to date!

I swear, Buzzfeed nails its every time. No, seriously they do.

So in this video, they play on the struggles being on the only black friend goes through. I personally never went through this experience, but I know of close friends who have. And I know they struggles of finding foundations of your own color. It’s pretty astonishing.

But enough of the small talk and have big laughs! Oh, and my favorite Quinta B is here. Way too funny.

5 thoughts on “Token Black Kid Struggles

  1. I had to laugh at this one, and I´m white! Well at least people don´t take themselves seriously which is quite a step forward. And the black friends I have, I play with them with those stereotypes and they come back at me with some crazy nutty thing. I actually say I´m a selective racist. People look at me strange when I saw that and I have to go on to explain that I hate quite a lot of white people and same goes for other nationalites and races. If they´re good people then that ´s what I value, if not, screw them. Had a good laugh and glad too see a well natured humour about the tabu topic of race.

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    • Me toooooo ! I think its healing in a sense, it address the concern in a positive way. It sheds light without pointing fingers and blaming. It’s almost like laughing at an old things you did as kids that were silly. I’m glad you laughed cause I did too !

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