How I Manifested My Laptop


I wouldn’t preach about the Law Of Attraction if it did not resonate within me like a bone chilling frost bite. These teachings are amazing!

And it works! Because it has to. Because it is Law. Because it is nature.  Because it is natural. As explained in my last post  6 Ways to Manifest Things into Your Life the process to  achieve your desires I practice some of the steps myself and got my laptop.

Patience is definitely a virtue and honestly I got better than what I asked for. So what did I do to get my ASUS laptop when I originally asked for a Dell? Well I did simple did the steps practiced it everyday for a month and it actually came with in 3 months even after I fell off the regime for about a month or so.What-you-FEEL-NOW-IS-what-youre-going-to-ATTACT

I woke up in the morning giving thanks and immediately try to set my thoughts for a positive day. I made it my right to remain happy on many days as possible. No matter what force that may throw me off course, I made it my business to be lighthearted happy.  I wrote a Thank You letter or “As Is” letter where I spoke of my desires I wanted as if I happened already twice a day. Like I daily mantra I affirmed and gave thanks for receiving my laptop when I really didn’t yet. I imagined myself as much as possible playing on my laptop. I frequently claimed every laptop to be mine or took awareness of when a laptop was around me.

I made a Vision Board with many desires in collage form including my laptop

Then one day I was speaking to one of my closest friends and she told me about a website where I can shop for many things and possibly a laptop. I immediately saw this as my answer to receive my laptop.  When I looked on the website, not only was I able to buy the EXACT laptop I envisioned, I was able to buy my exact Juicer as well. I was ecstatic! If I was able to buy the laptop and more in such a way the as affordable for me. I felt accomplished!


law of attraction tipsThere was one thing I did right before receiving the answer that quickly sped up the process. As I said before I was practicing the steps for about a month and was getting a little discourage being impatient and all. I was doing a step wrong that cause for such delay.

I started to imagine only receiving my desired laptop ONE WAY! which is flawed action to do. Reason because there are so many ways in which your desires can come forth and I was limited the way by only asking for my laptop to come for free. I kept imagining my laptop will come randomly free on to my lap to keep. It sounds a bit Ludacris for a several hundred dollar laptop to just magically come for free. Although it is possible, it’s limiting. You don’t want to limit nature.

Once I let go on how I was going to get it and just focused more on the end result of having it, I got the information in such a random way.

So I ordered my Dell laptop about a month later, and received it in two days! I was happy. I then woke up on Christmas Day after my mother told me to open gifts like a little kid.

tiresome from being up late the night before, I slowly and blindly open my gift.  SUPRISE! it was a laptop. So now I have two.

Lesson learned I should have just waited for universe to just send me my laptop for free anyways! It’s what I asked for. So My mom was  says after I told her I just received my laptop on Xmas Eve, “Damn, I was trying to buy it before you bought it.” So I am going to just return the one I bought since I now have a better brand

yuppie ! Testimony!



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