“If Everyone Acted Like Reality Tv Stars”

LAUGHING MY ASS OFF. Now, folks I really don’t watch TV. In fact I should be catching up on the Legend of Korra final season. I really don’t have the patience or the time to keep track of these shows every week. I am the most busy non busiest person. Either something shows up or I forgot about the show. So since I cant work on TV’s time I am usually forced binge watch TV shows on Netflix ( which I keep forgetting I have).

I don’t know about you guys, but I love Buzzfeed videos. I really see myself acting for them too. I have the personality for it. This video is a parody on reality shows and their dumb dramatization.

The funniest part is about 1:00 in. Quinta B, known for the “He got Money” viral video, is so dramatic I just fall out in laughter every time. She’s too funny.

Enjoy the Laugh of My day. Hopefully yours too!



One thought on ““If Everyone Acted Like Reality Tv Stars”

  1. It took several tries but I finally activated the captioning app. Cool. Hilarious. Quick Dontae, now that you’ve laughed your ass off, run after it and re-attach! LOL! 😉


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