Dontae (noun): ….

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Me Sardonic, Me Sarcastic

Dontae(noun): [Blank]
When someone tries to ask me who am I, I try my hardest to be as brief as possible. Honestly, I would want to say nothing at all. Why? Because, saying nothing at all when asked that question is the ultimate freedom for me, but an extreme puzzle for another. I used to feel so guilty for myself and really be in this state of trance trying to describe myself. I felt as if i didn’t know myself. During the era of Myspace the “about me” section was so difficult! Any about me section for that matter.

Why do you have to give definition to your self’s instead of just being? Being in the moment and excepting who is front of you as they are. Do you know what I think happens as soon as someone gives definition to themselves? they start to label themselves. First impression…

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One thought on “Dontae (noun): ….

  1. Being and constantly evolving as humans, although we do need a basic knowledge of who we are, our personality which we can improve in some ways, change things here and there, but overall just be you and I´ll be me so we will just be “being”.
    Great post.


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