We Are All The Same


We are all the same and I never really the grasp the essence and soundness until just now.

We are different versions of each other

When this thought came it came with so much clarity and truth. My truth. When I say different versions of each other I mean down to the single point of a tree or bee. The air the water the dog and cats.

If you believe what ever religion or practice the belief that all comes from one source it can sound a bit like tree hugging theories, but understand it as I am as this:

Let’s say you have one model of a human or better yet. You create an iPhone. You decided you want a different one of the same components but different. So you make iPhone 2. iPhone 2 is different yet the same in a sense that it looks the same, It acts the same, the feature of the new phone is better yet still can connect to the first iPhone. iPhone 6 is a different version of the iPhone 5 as the 4 and so on. Basically the whole line of the phone comes from one source yet they are different functional versions

This sums up my what I mean. I understand this so much

If you apply that to humans as a whole you can see the same relation. That a  tree is the same as you but a different version of you which can explain how you and a tree are co-dependent. We taken in oxygen that a tree release and they breathe in the air we release to turn it to food and oxygen that we need. The cycle continues.

If you love yourself enough and see that everything is a different version of you, you began to have a higher sense of appreciation.

A bee is a different version of you. So are the birds, even down to the clouds is not much different. Its made with water you we need water in us already so do many other beings.

Now how close we are in relation to these versions of us varies like an android to an iPhone. For instance, you give your love one  a flower. That flower, which is a different version of you, was cultivated by a bee,which is a different version of you. the bee passed pollen from flower to flower to unintentionally make more flowers so you can one day pick one up and show appreciation helped by that one bee which is another version of you.

We are all the same. Children which is our creation are different versions of who we are. Your children current or future will be the iPhone 6 to you being an iPhone 5; the same but different. So collectively we are different versions of each other expressed in different ways yet still in dependent’s. Adam and eve for another example are different versions of each other coming from the same source.

Every living animal has a brain with two eyes a nose with two nostrils and a mouth. As for every living being is a different version of another in so way or shape. This why neurons looks the same as the galaxies of the universe. 

Now, this can in great detail can come into question on turning tress to houses and people being mean to us that we don’t want to have sympathy for or even eating animals. The point I’m trying to push to you all is the connection we have to everything and how one can benefit in small appreciation. You would think twice about destroying something that is another part of you; if you love yourself enough.

It brings clarity to when someone says showing hate to another comes a place of self hate because When destroy a version of you, you are destroying yourself. It extremely common sense. This is why parents love their children immensely because they are a different version of themselves. When we take that into a broader perspective and realize a friend is a different version of you and even a stranger. Why would you want to do any harm. When doing harm to yourself feels bad to begin with.

So to bring this in full circle. When you look at a bird when sitting down on any given day. Say “that bird is a different version of me.” Because if that bird came from one and I came from one that all that’s really different is that I am a different version. So part of me is in that bird and in everything else. That tree is a different version of me, it grows out of the same soil that feeds me. It needs me as I need it so technically its family. My boyfriend or girlfriend is an extension of me so whatever they have I already have and if they are enjoying it then part of me is enjoying it too. If a person is rich then a different version of me is wealthy so it’s much more capable for me to be wealthy we are the same. Part of me built airplanes so I can fly. Part of me build high tech phones to have fun with. Part of me discovered E=mc2. Part of me entertains me. Part of me expresses me through arts.

There’s a seed of all of us in us. We’re all collectively individual. Such a paradox and that’s the fun part.


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