Manual Labor is The Devil.

Labor day just ended which signifies the end of summer as beaches and amusement parks come to a close. Just as summer is unofficially ending mother nature this weeks wants to crank up the heat and humidity. It was suppose to rain yesterday, by the way, and it didn’t. I was expecting it. Not to drift off topic too much but mother nature didn’t show her summer wrath with hurricane winds and tropical storms. It did the other day and I missed it being underground in a window less job.

Speaking of job, I’m going to share some experiences of my labor. If you know me you know I hate labor. Well, you know now. You still don’t know me however!

Dating back as far as I can remember I was never a fan of hard labor. I’m still not. Manual labor irritates my inner soul so bad it enables my past lives to be awakened to scream a prayer like this, “Lord hath mercy on thy body. To picketh this penny is to picketh a whale. Where art thou savior?” Maybe next time I will have Shakespeare better guide me I’m the next prayer. Anyways, labor has always been my enemy.

My dad was one of those labor guys where hustling sweat and tears made up his manhood. As for me I was completely the opposite. My dad one time made me scrub the rug in our apartment because we didn’t have a rub cleaner. For crying out loud! Literally, I hated it. Why do I have to scrub a 5  foot rug with a brush the size of my palm. I had to get on my knees like Annie and scrub like a slave. The horror! My face told the stories of my ancestors. My dad didn’t care although he was right with me on this deplorable task. He would say, “Come on Dontae scrub. Fix your face and scrub! This not a hard job we almost done.” Almost done? We have been “almost done” for the last two hours.

Then there was the time we had to move into another apartment. Carrying the boxes would drain me so bad I would stop after three steps and fan myself dramatically complaining. “Oh my god. My life is over”My 13 year self would say. My mom brother and father would look at me like I’m the alien. As if we were called the “Incredibles” and  manual labor was as easy as breathing. We are in the 21 century. We have robots and machinery and even people (to replace me) to help everybody. Just because I am a guy and guys are biologically stronger than women who said my muscles were conditioned for this. It’s not. I feel every muscle straining  to adapt to the harsh environment I threw it in. This why I have issues with jobs now.

My first job I worked at Wendy’s and when I tell you my legs fainted so many times. Working behind that grill making 20 burgers for one order under 3 minutes and working night shift only on weekends. I didn’t even know what life means. It was a very rude awakening to do that right after  I graduated high school. Then I quit to work in a seasonal job at Wendy’s during Christmas season. Which I enjoyed because I didn’t have to deal with rachet customers instead I politely fold towels. It was so boring. I had no one to talk too. No one was really that friendly. I did meet some nice tourist.

I worked I  panera bread loved that job so much because of the people then I got fired for “stealing cream cheese” which in actuality I had every right to take left over food. Its a damn shame how you have food stores making billions of dollars but a worker cannot give food away to the poor when its going in the garbage. I hate fast food restaurants. It’s a known thing amgonst most companies. Its accepted because it counts as profit and stealing. But, before I get upset…too late.

You know what? Jobs need us more than we need them. They take advantage of their workers all the time. We have lives not everybody wants to dedicate all of their time behind a desk. Then we have to ask for time off to enjoy ourselves as human. New York city just passed a law to pay people for sick days off. You know what year we are in….

Anways, summer is ending and a new labor starts. College. The biggest scam in the world.


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4 thoughts on “Manual Labor is The Devil.

  1. My buddy, you are an incredible author! Love this post (honestly, I enjoy them all)! I never allow work to interfere with my play time! LOL! Much love and naked hugs! 🙂


  2. Had to laugh out loud at how you wrote this, I could even picture you…the pain of scrubbing that rug! Hey, don´t know about the University being a scam or not, but I dropped out after a year and a half and I do regret that. Not saying that university means latter on a good paying job, I don´t see there has to be a correlation with getting a good job and having a degree, I know plenty of people who have done it on their own, but I would take advantage of the University plus I remember my days of university….the girls, the partying and also some studying. Don´t want to sound like doctor Phil here but it is wise to pick a major that although is not exactly what you love at least it has more job opportunities when you finish with the University. Then you can dedicate your time to what you truly love, but security is a big thing specially now with the economy. Been reading other post´s, funny written, sarcastic-ironic I like that. Glad you stopped by my little crazy blog.


      • Forgot about that one….the loans! I´m back in Spain after 13 years away from the U.S so that part I forgot. You seem like bright dude, you´ll do fine. Plus who said life was easy…..


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