We Are All The Same


We are all the same and I never really the grasp the essence and soundness until just now.

We are different versions of each other

When this thought came it came with so much clarity and truth. My truth. When I say different versions of each other I mean down to the single point of a tree or bee. The air the water the dog and cats.

If you believe what ever religion or practice the belief that all comes from one source it can sound a bit like tree hugging theories, but understand it as I am as this:

Let’s say you have one model of a human or better yet. You create an iPhone. You decided you want a different one of the same components but different. So you make iPhone 2. iPhone 2 is different yet the same in a sense that it looks the same, It acts the same, the feature of the new phone is better yet still can connect to the first iPhone. iPhone 6 is a different version of the iPhone 5 as the 4 and so on. Basically the whole line of the phone comes from one source yet they are different functional versions

This sums up my what I mean. I understand this so much

If you apply that to humans as a whole you can see the same relation. That a  tree is the same as you but a different version of you which can explain how you and a tree are co-dependent. We taken in oxygen that a tree release and they breathe in the air we release to turn it to food and oxygen that we need. The cycle continues.

If you love yourself enough and see that everything is a different version of you, you began to have a higher sense of appreciation.

A bee is a different version of you. So are the birds, even down to the clouds is not much different. Its made with water you we need water in us already so do many other beings.

Now how close we are in relation to these versions of us varies like an android to an iPhone. For instance, you give your love one  a flower. That flower, which is a different version of you, was cultivated by a bee,which is a different version of you. the bee passed pollen from flower to flower to unintentionally make more flowers so you can one day pick one up and show appreciation helped by that one bee which is another version of you.

We are all the same. Children which is our creation are different versions of who we are. Your children current or future will be the iPhone 6 to you being an iPhone 5; the same but different. So collectively we are different versions of each other expressed in different ways yet still in dependent’s. Adam and eve for another example are different versions of each other coming from the same source.

Every living animal has a brain with two eyes a nose with two nostrils and a mouth. As for every living being is a different version of another in so way or shape. This why neurons looks the same as the galaxies of the universe. 

Now, this can in great detail can come into question on turning tress to houses and people being mean to us that we don’t want to have sympathy for or even eating animals. The point I’m trying to push to you all is the connection we have to everything and how one can benefit in small appreciation. You would think twice about destroying something that is another part of you; if you love yourself enough.

It brings clarity to when someone says showing hate to another comes a place of self hate because When destroy a version of you, you are destroying yourself. It extremely common sense. This is why parents love their children immensely because they are a different version of themselves. When we take that into a broader perspective and realize a friend is a different version of you and even a stranger. Why would you want to do any harm. When doing harm to yourself feels bad to begin with.

So to bring this in full circle. When you look at a bird when sitting down on any given day. Say “that bird is a different version of me.” Because if that bird came from one and I came from one that all that’s really different is that I am a different version. So part of me is in that bird and in everything else. That tree is a different version of me, it grows out of the same soil that feeds me. It needs me as I need it so technically its family. My boyfriend or girlfriend is an extension of me so whatever they have I already have and if they are enjoying it then part of me is enjoying it too. If a person is rich then a different version of me is wealthy so it’s much more capable for me to be wealthy we are the same. Part of me built airplanes so I can fly. Part of me build high tech phones to have fun with. Part of me discovered E=mc2. Part of me entertains me. Part of me expresses me through arts.

There’s a seed of all of us in us. We’re all collectively individual. Such a paradox and that’s the fun part.

Heavy waters.

I took off my shirt and threw it to the side of the bathroom. It fell on the side of the toilet, but I didn’t care. I followed with my pants being pulled down. My brown temple showed it self in the mirror that holds no secrets. I took off my underwear revealing all of my brownskin in different shades. My hair is two weeks outdated from its last haircut. My face sullen with marks of acne and bad dieting. I pushed aside my white sea shelled bath curtains to turn on the knobs and ignite the shower. The terrental rains splattered against the tub. I made my way in. My once dry skin is now moist. My sanctuary fills up with warm steam. I try to let go of the built up emotions, but I failed.  I opened my body scrub with sea salt and essential oils that changed the scenery with its Forrest smell. The essential oils soften my skin to impeccable luxury. I try to embrace the gratitude I felt when my hands raced across my arms and legs with slippery ease. The smell transports me to a get away in brackets of imagination flashes. Vacation away haulted by upsetting thoughts:
   I don’t understand any longer. The fight and the confusion. The paranoia and discomfort. I don’t know if this love is toxic. I don’t know if this is love. Why can’t we be at peace forever with each other. Why must you be so paranoid. Are you afraid I’m going leave? Why not focus on making me happy; making each other happy. I thought everything was fine. I thought we were moving forward. Maybe cause I accepted flattery. Did you accept flattery as well? Have you been perfect all up until now ? Are we not mature enough? I ask of the universe to send me the right answer to show me is this right for me. My insticts are confusing me. I need something definite.
  My face frowned. My head, like a reseviour of water, held stress. I can feel the worry. I can feel the confusion. I can feel the dis-ease. I belted out a loud cry. I dip my head in pouring rain. I hope the warmth of the water will embrace me enough to rid my thought and promote a positive feeling. Instead, it caused me buckle down. I sat in the tub hunched over. I accepted how I felt as now. I didn’t want to accept my thoughts. I didn’t want to no longer feel this discomfort. Still bare in skin I belted out one last time. This wail broke the dam that held my emotions and it poured. I, like the water pelting against my skin, began to weep. I take my hands and placed them on my head as the water falls rapidly. The water curves my hands and my eyes. The water stream seperates on my face making new trails across my eyes, down my nose falling off a cliff to the top of my full lips. The warmer water from inside slowly trickled my cheeks moving at its own pace admist the wild foreign waters. I can taste the salty tears and the fluoride infused water.

I have one last chance in me. If this doesn’t work. I will fully take all responsibility and go for good.

I will try to be vulnerable.

To-do? Done!

Daily Prompt: Quickly list five things you’d like to change in your life. Now, write a post about a day in your life once all five have been crossed off your to-do list.

1. Get a better paying job that is fun and flexibile.

2. Get a HP laptop.

3. Take swimming classes, ballet classes, Bikram Yoga class.

4. Love yourself more.

5. Juice your fruits and vegetables.

…Finally, I am able to cross out the last list of things I want out of my life. Today marks the complete day of my transformation. I have watched and read The secret. I have read  Napoleon hill! Saying the same thing. I’ve read enough spiritual and self help book. .I said to myself I want change and abundance of satisfication from the things I want from my life. I took control admist the adversities. We all came from a broken foundation. We all came from a deck of cards we didn’t choose…. Well most of us. The process to change however applies to every one. I come to realize the law of attraction is the most unbiased and totally equal force know to man. A force that gives everybody a chance. No matter where you came from or what you do. We all have the equal power to manifest. We may not have the full god power to create grass and water, But we have enough power to be God within our means. We can create a being like how god created us and we can also create and shape our life. Like how God created and shaped this earth and universe. It sounds cliche and a bit hippy like but it’s the truth. Take full responsibility of yourself and what you want from the shut you don’t like to the abundance you want. We each have our own lane where there’s enough pleasure to go around. We all don’t want the same food, or person, amount of money, or  car etc. our individuality and flaws creates our own lane. Our uniqueness are only for us making it enough to live abundantly…sarcacity exist with greed. However there is still enough and will always be enough.

Long story short. I am happy.

Daily prompt: To-Do? Done!

Ray Rice: Domestic Violence? or Should We Mind Our Business?

Has drama in the elevator become a norm?
I say this on behalf of Solange Knowles and Ray Rice. Can’t anything get passed TMZ especially after catching these violent acts of Solange beating up Jay-Z to now recent story of Ray Rice beating his girlfriend; which is now a collaboration of Rihanna vs. Chris Brown’s incident, and Jay-Z vs Solange’s incident mixed together. Should we give them a doggy biscuit?

Ray Rice a former or still current NFL player for Ravens was soon dropped from the team and Suspended indefinitely by the NFL. Apparently, the incident happened two months ago, and since then the two are now married. When asked to NFL why they haven’t received the footage earlier allegedly, they asked the police and never got it. However, TMZ was able to receive it. Maybe, TMZ was able to pay for more the footage? Doubt it. According to CNN, NFL only suspended Ray Rice for two games and now feeling the wrath of not taking this incident much more seriously. Could domestic violence be common amongst NFL?

Rice replayed that night “over and over his his head” to continue saying those actions  “weren’t him.” Why apologize for something you did and then dismiss it in the same breath. It seems platonic and rehearsed and I say with with most celebrity incidents. Maybe, because they are men, I don’t know, but public apologies seems unoriginal, plain and emotionless. It’s like saying an apology to get it over with. I could sound a little harsh on the guy. To be honest, I am not even enraged although I oppose domestic violence on both ends, Janay Rice seems to be okay with it. I find it hard to get through when you slap your love one twice leaving them unconscious dragging them out the floor. I would be in state of shock that I did something that extreme. That’s just me and we all handle situations differently.

So, Mrs Janay Rice released her statement about the situation as well. Hot97 covered it showing a picture of her response on what seems like Instagram.


Abused Victim Janay Rice Credit: DailyNews

Janay Rice States, I woke up this morning feeling like I had a horrible nightmare, feelling like I’m mourning the death of my closest friend. But to have to accept the fact that it’s reality is a nightmare in itself. No one knows the pain that the media & unwanted options from the public has caused my family. To make us relive a moment in our lives that we regret everyday is a horrible thing. To take something away from the man I love that he was worked his ass off for all his life just to gain ratings is horrific. THIS IS OUR LIFE! what don’t you all get. If your intentions were to hurt us, embarrass us, makes us feel alone, take all happiness away, you’ve succeeded on so many levels. Just know we will continue to grow & show the world what real love is. Ravensnation we love you!”

We should just totally mind your business, because clearly after this, she accepts everything. Who are we to tell her to leave her relationship or to take appropriate action. She says everything is okay! And everything happened was suppose to happen. Even better she saying that this situation is real love. Now, I understand when you get through problems and sticking out the worst of the worst situations, but does that even includes getting knocked unconscious?

Then get married soon afterwards, Well, all in hopes she maintains with him through the highs and lows of his career from this. Were it wont seem like she is with him for the money, as they stereotype most of these industry girls anyways.

So, I ask you all. How you do you feel about Janay’s response and her defending her husband Ray Rice? Do you feel that’s what true love is? Or should we just mind our business?

Recommended Reads: My Favorite Books

Eat, Pray, Love

 I’m currently re-read this book for the second maybe third time. I bought on my nook where I can highlight and note take without destroying the pages. Why I recommend this book? well, besides the fact it was starred by the famous Julia Roberts, I am inspired by self help and spiritual journey books. In a brief summary if you have seen the movie its basically depress girl indulges in Italian culture of food and people. Then, Liz flies to India to learn self discipline, prayer, and her higher self.  Lastly, she goes to Bali to find love, well not intentionally but she does anyways. I love this book, especially when she is in Italy eating all day!


I haven’t finished this book yet, talk bout POWERFUL. The reason why I recommend this book is because its extremely good and brings a lot of interesting perspective and reasoning to many things about yourself. I haven’t finished the book because deep down I feel like my mind doesn’t want to finish it and be figured out.  My mind avoids the need to pick up this book like the need to do other things when its time to do homework. The book is sort of difficult to get through because of the new understanding it brings. It like understanding Albert Einstein…okay, maybe that’s a strong comparison. Either way, its still a learning experience worth buying



This book changed my LIFE! I random fell upon this book at the age of 18 in 2010. It was just chilling at my grandmothers house I decided to look at it and it opened my mind to so many things. It was like the secrets of society and its cruelness was finally explained to me. He explained the money making scams to sell medicinal drugs, show insight on how to really  take care of yourself whether or not these cures actually work, it’s extremely informative and benefice for your life! This what really ignite the spiritual side in me although its not spiritual book.



This is my new bible. I swear to everything I love whether or not you actually believe the author spoke with the devil or not. You learn so much about how negativity spreads, how negativity grabs the hold on people. You’ll learn to how to be self sufficient. I actually reference this book in a post once explaining how to teach children. It’s by far one the best books I’ve read.



NEED I SAY MORE. THIS BOOK COMPELLS ME TO BE A WRITER!  I’m sort of being lazy by not elaborating on the book. This book is old though, most of my mother generation read this book. They came out with a corny ass movie that do this book the worst reference. This book is AMAZING! TEN STARS!  The whole entire series was just outstanding. I cannot stress how much this book made me want to write. It made me find my writing voice. It inspired me to grab the readers by the eyes and ripped them out with just my words alone. This book is a masterpiece.

That’s all.
Any suggestions for me ?

What books spoke to you the most?

WordPress Overload

I want some help here. I am curious to know how does one manage the posts of over several thousand people. If the point is to engage with other publishers on WordPress and build a community, how do you engage with such mass?

If let’s say everybody is a frequent poster. If everybody is busy posting who is left to read? And if, we post too frequently is our content actually valued properly?

Similar how Rihanna drops single and albums like panties thrown to Elvis, her songs are frequent but they don’t last through time. Her songs like most artist today, is only for the times. Spiritually speaking these artist are very “present” and in the moment, don’t lager worrying about the future.

But scratch that! Reading blogs requires time and effort and its very time consuming as it requires time and effort. (Yes, I purposely rephrased within a sentence.) I want to know how so you manage your feeds. Do you read a blog a day? Do you spend time reading blogs only for one day? I was thinking maybe posting once a week. Then, all the other days I will take time and read and engage. It sounds like a chore now that I am thinking about it, but it is fair if you want  your voice herd.

I’m asking this because there’s a blog that I follow with 42,000 followers. One of his many tips is to post frequently. Which is not a hard thing to do, but this is not Facebook or twitter. I care about my content here much more than those other outlets. This is why I choose to not post about pop culture. That is so cliche. I like reading about real live experiences past present or future. I like read and feel another human through words.

Anyways, how do you view your feed? Do you post only? Comment rarely?

Also, how do you pick who you follow? Do you follow any and everybody ?

Daily prompt : Overload alert

Manual Labor is The Devil.

Labor day just ended which signifies the end of summer as beaches and amusement parks come to a close. Just as summer is unofficially ending mother nature this weeks wants to crank up the heat and humidity. It was suppose to rain yesterday, by the way, and it didn’t. I was expecting it. Not to drift off topic too much but mother nature didn’t show her summer wrath with hurricane winds and tropical storms. It did the other day and I missed it being underground in a window less job.

Speaking of job, I’m going to share some experiences of my labor. If you know me you know I hate labor. Well, you know now. You still don’t know me however!

Dating back as far as I can remember I was never a fan of hard labor. I’m still not. Manual labor irritates my inner soul so bad it enables my past lives to be awakened to scream a prayer like this, “Lord hath mercy on thy body. To picketh this penny is to picketh a whale. Where art thou savior?” Maybe next time I will have Shakespeare better guide me I’m the next prayer. Anyways, labor has always been my enemy.

My dad was one of those labor guys where hustling sweat and tears made up his manhood. As for me I was completely the opposite. My dad one time made me scrub the rug in our apartment because we didn’t have a rub cleaner. For crying out loud! Literally, I hated it. Why do I have to scrub a 5  foot rug with a brush the size of my palm. I had to get on my knees like Annie and scrub like a slave. The horror! My face told the stories of my ancestors. My dad didn’t care although he was right with me on this deplorable task. He would say, “Come on Dontae scrub. Fix your face and scrub! This not a hard job we almost done.” Almost done? We have been “almost done” for the last two hours.

Then there was the time we had to move into another apartment. Carrying the boxes would drain me so bad I would stop after three steps and fan myself dramatically complaining. “Oh my god. My life is over”My 13 year self would say. My mom brother and father would look at me like I’m the alien. As if we were called the “Incredibles” and  manual labor was as easy as breathing. We are in the 21 century. We have robots and machinery and even people (to replace me) to help everybody. Just because I am a guy and guys are biologically stronger than women who said my muscles were conditioned for this. It’s not. I feel every muscle straining  to adapt to the harsh environment I threw it in. This why I have issues with jobs now.

My first job I worked at Wendy’s and when I tell you my legs fainted so many times. Working behind that grill making 20 burgers for one order under 3 minutes and working night shift only on weekends. I didn’t even know what life means. It was a very rude awakening to do that right after  I graduated high school. Then I quit to work in a seasonal job at Wendy’s during Christmas season. Which I enjoyed because I didn’t have to deal with rachet customers instead I politely fold towels. It was so boring. I had no one to talk too. No one was really that friendly. I did meet some nice tourist.

I worked I  panera bread loved that job so much because of the people then I got fired for “stealing cream cheese” which in actuality I had every right to take left over food. Its a damn shame how you have food stores making billions of dollars but a worker cannot give food away to the poor when its going in the garbage. I hate fast food restaurants. It’s a known thing amgonst most companies. Its accepted because it counts as profit and stealing. But, before I get upset…too late.

You know what? Jobs need us more than we need them. They take advantage of their workers all the time. We have lives not everybody wants to dedicate all of their time behind a desk. Then we have to ask for time off to enjoy ourselves as human. New York city just passed a law to pay people for sick days off. You know what year we are in….

Anways, summer is ending and a new labor starts. College. The biggest scam in the world.


Daily prompt : nightmare job