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Social Media Issues…Yup!

Recently I deleted my Facebook for many reasons mostly from feeling tired of Facebook. I had roughly 800 friends that can be divided into my grade school “Friends,” my high school “friends,” and my gay “friends.”
First, lets clarify that the quoted Friends can easily be replaced with acquaintances or people-who-I-once-knew-but-no-longer-don’t. Straight like that.
I am a heavy Facebook user to the point of almost addiction. I have tried to wean myself of this addiction plenty before. I have signed out the app and deleted it off my phone, but I ended up going around that and signing on through Google chrome on my phone. 
It defeated the purpose of withdrawing if it kept on rebelling against myself anyways

so I downloaded the app again to suffer the same issues but not limited to:
1.seeing frequent status about drugs
2. people doing unnecessary tagging on friends post like “Stacy just took a bite of my soup”
3.posting about one being horny and using a eggplant emoji as a symbolism.
4.Shared violent graphic negative videos
5. The lady with the holes in her tits
6.more violent shared videos
7. depressing pictures of dissembled body parts
8. Naked selfies
and so on…

So right off the back you can easily shut me up with the “it’s your friends, you accepted them, it’s your fault” statement.
Which I’m like, okay, its true, I get it! I can easily unfollow them and be very selective on who I accept as a friend. I personally don’t mind accepting who ever, just don’t become a ghost. I have some percentage  of, if I add you I expect you to live up some one of the title as friends, but no. I have people add just to either:
A) Be another number
B) Be nosey
C) Hit on you
I have had many situations where I’ve added someone and they see me in person and act like they did not press the add friend button moments ago, or that I simply accepted their request and they received the notification. 

It’s like why add me. I don’t get it.
And not all Is bad, even though I am subjected constantly to bullshit all day long. Facebook can simply be worst the T.V. Scratch that Facebook IS worst then TV just not as brainwashing.  I’ve learned that people are actually more bold and can be more negative on Facebook. I know a person who in real life is actually sweet. We can call him/her Billy. However, on Facebook Billy is this suicidal depressing Bob or this deranged curly hair sally that I never witnessed that is two steps from jump off a cliff.

Then the burden comes in when you want to clean out your Facebook and remove people without offending them. I think we all have felt victim of this, that if someone removes you as a friend on Facebook you feel as if they removed you from their life. 

Why is that?

When I deactivated my Facebook for about three days I felt free. I felt like I deleted a chunk of negativity out my life. I joined Tumblr and made over my twitter. There I become selective on how I want my content to look. I wanted my twitter to be about bullshit to keep me relevant and I wanted my Tumblr to throw positive visions about things that really actually intrigues me; like nature, spirituality, African- American Ideals, and fashion.  With just in a matter of days I felt like I found a community with in Tumblr that likes what I like and will consistently speak about what I like. I even learned so much about Ferguson Riots through Tumblr and twitter. On Facebook forget about it, people are to busy posting naked selfies and fishing for likes. I found control in social media. I still believe Tumblr to be the best! Facebook not so much, I don’t know why, it’s to me bad. Just bad. I can’t even find the community and like minded individuals as I did on Tumblr. I believe each social media outlet are different and meant for different things.

I reactivated my Facebook though, and deleted and unfollowed roughly 200-300 people. It’s much cleaner. I don’t feel unorthodox for commenting on someone status who I don’t know, especially after they were the ones who requested me.

So how do you feel about the content of your Facebook and or other Social Media Outlets?




9 thoughts on “Social Media

  1. I deleted my Facebook and have not looked back. What bothered me was the psychological experiment regarding negative posts. Not so much that people were experimented on without their permission, but instead because it proved that we absorb the negativity and then regurgitate it.


    • I completely understand I minimized my Facebook use drastically I really only use it to message a close friend and this fraternity other than that. I have no purpose for Facebook.

      People really splurge on negativity and Facebook expresses that solely. Especially of it promotes what’s ones mind. Since majority including myself cannot control thoughts completely the idle minds have nothing more to do then just be a ball of mess.


  2. Great observation my blogging and same gender loving friend! In addition to s few more personal reasons, I stopped FB years ago. I grew bored with images of what people ate for dessert, what their new shoes were, etc. Much love and naked hugs, buddy! 🙂


  3. I reckon social media in general is an outlet for people to showcase a side of their personality that only transpires through the likes of Facebook, Instagram etc when reality they are far from it.

    My Facebook i think is quite the opposite to yours. I don’t know how i would cope with status updates from 800 folks 😃


  4. I like the idea of deleting Facebook, but I think ultimately I would be afraid of missing something. Maybe a clear out could be in order though.


  5. Great post. It’s interesting seeing it from a young person’s point of view, too. SM walks the line between drudgery, necessity and the only damned way to stay in contact with all the people you’ve met over the years in all the places you’ve lived:) And thanks for following me on Cold, too.


  6. This facebook thing is scary, so people can really get addicted to it….well I guess is better than me addicted to smoking amongst other things. I just got into this social media world about 2 years ago. And I´m 32! But I stick to the wordpress, twitter and still haven´t started on this last one but´s a place for writers to post short stories, poems, for the majority of the time anyways) and I think it´s enough for me. I can barely handle keeping up with blogs on wordpress and people so adding facebook….what´s up with the new generation or for that matter all generations, people seem to be stuck to their iphone, ipad, or whatever else is out there 24/7. Look up from the palm of your hand(not talking to you but in general) and look up at the world once in a while.

    Naked selfie pictures really? Why in the world would you take a picture of you naked and put it out in the net so the rest of the world to see. And I thought it was me who suffered from the condition of being shameless. Hey, but if you have one of some smoking hot girl I don´t mind if you pass it to me 😉


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