Red Hat

The guy with the red hat as bold in the streets as the music he blasted from his waist line.


He was 13 years old when his only friend that his mother approved of knocked on the door. “Hi miss James can Larry come over to my house to play video games?” The little boy asked while fluffing his afro. “No, he can’t Sean. He studying his bible now” said the mother.  Meanwhile, Larry, with his room closed, he heard the door close as he was sitting in silence. He jumped out of his bed out of curiosity. He thought his mom had left which would have gave him the chance to go in his parents room and sneak in a show.
“Mom who was that?” He asked.
“It was nothing sweetie go to your room.”
“Mom it sounded like larry was at the door…what did he want?” Larry’s face grew stern.
“Larry, do not question me, please go to your room.”
“This is what I am talking about. You never let me do anything at all! It’s Friday night, why am I home in my room in silence what am I? A monk?”
“I don’t know what devlish tone-”
“NOT EVERYTHING IS THE DEVIL! YOURE THE DEVIL!” Larry screamed out running back to his room to gear up his clothes.
“Where do you think you are going to larry! Put those clothes down. I am calling pastor Stevens”. The mother went to the living room to dial the phone. Larry stopped in the middle of tying his shoe. Forgetting about the other bare foot he ran after his mother slapping the phone out her hand. The mother stood appallad and slapped him violently across the face. “I will not have no one disrespect me in my sanctuary!” The mother wailed.
Larry palmed his face starring with rage in his eyes. His eyes was about to tear when his father walked through the door. He ran to his father that at times look to as Jesus. His father hiding  red lipstick under his collar.

“LARRY!”the father yelled while coming through the door “I just seen your friend outside.”
“I’m calling the pastor and thats that. I will not have my son demonize himself” the mother said. “What the hell is going on?” The father took Larry behind him. “Why the fuck you keep calling this pastor for. I told you to leave that nigga out our business. He is not this guys father i am!  He yelled. Larry look up at his father confused. He never agreed with his father anymore for he didn’t know he didn’t approve of pastor. He thought he just agreed with whatever mom said.  “He is the pastor! He knows the answer you don’t know!” Said the mother.
“What? you never give me a chance to be a father to my son. You want to bring this pastor around every chance you get… Are you cheating?” The father said stepping closer to the mother. The tension in the room started to build. Larry took the mid silence between the two giants to run to his room and grab his other shoe. The mother stood in shocked with the phone still in her hand. “Im not going to ask you again.” The mother stood in silence about to dial the number again. The father took  the entire phone and threw it against the wall. The phone shatters in pieces before them.

Larry walks towards his mother as his father leaves out the front door. The mother in fear grabs her jacket. “Where are you going! Everybody wants to leave when I was the first one ready to go, now we are taking a family trip?”
“I’m going to the church, if when I return and you are not here reading the bible I’m calling the police”
“I told you countless times pastor Stevens looks at me funny and has been for years! I told you many other things about him and you still force him into my life! Why would you do such things to me.
“The devil is a liar!” The mother screamed.
“You always choose him over me!”Larry ran to the parents room pulling out the 9mm gun as his mother looks for her keys. Larry pointed the gun at his mother as she was about to step out.
“Mom turn around now!”
The mother peaked over her shoulder. Seeing her son with the gun, “where did you get that?” Larry did not answer but instead said, “if you go to that rapist I’m going to shoot you.” The mother went to her knees and started to pray out loud.
“Stop praying!” Larry yelled. The mother kept praying aloud mumbling for Jesus to save her from the evil.
” I am not evil! Stop praying! Now before I shoot you!” The mother continued in her song of prayers.
“Stop now!” larry said as unspoken words fell down his cheeks. His hands started to tremble.”Stop!”
His mother raised her hands up in a praise and yelled out “Lord as my savior deliver me from the evil one. Please lord.”

Three bullets entered the mothers head
Larry stood there with spats of blood across his face. The mothers body fell back into the door with her eyes open starring deadly at her only son. Larry approached his mother to close her eyes. “You have been sent” Larry whispered in her ears.

3 thoughts on “Red Hat

  1. Wow! Powerful! Nice job, my blogging brother! Much love and naked hugs! 🙂

    I’m diligently working to read all that I missed last week while I was away. I hope to be all caught up by the weekend. Please be patient!


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