I am wondering….

This video made me wonder all over again.

Watching this video made me realize what are we as humans doing. Are we as a race bored on earth. What seperates us from animals is free will. We lost our instincts, don’t trust our intuition, which is what animals seem to have. They are just powered by the ways of nature.

For one you see in the video the distance between the sun earth and moon is extremely vast. It doesn’t look as magnified as our atmosphere makes it to be. The moon is so small and controls so much on this earth. The sun is so big so far yet so powerful enough for heat to travel long distances maintaining its heat power in an unbreakable cold universe. Long enough for earth to thrive perfectly. 

Did you see how far the famous constellation’s are? I forgot get what we see at night is the past of many years ago predating human existence. 

So I thought immediately, what exist outside the earth. Meaning does religion matter on the moon? Does the need to go to college, poverty, rich, fame, money I can go on and on. To me none of that matters. We created our own egoic entity within earth that seperates us from the omnipresence. 

Imagine seeing the earth from the outside it looks like the most diverse rock in the system. Then when you go inside it’s tainted with atomic bombs and other nonsense. The only beauty would be everything older than humans. The beautifully designed landmass and oceans. Almost like a planet of paradise. 

I still feel like humans as a whole as one are bored. With this mass need to be entertained both positively and negatively.

Think about it.


War is entertainment. So is art. 

I wish humanity was a little more better. 

Nonetheless this video made me wonder what really matters. Is it really that important once you leave earth.

Nope. Not at all.

And the famous question again..are we alone. We can’t be the universe is still beyond comprehension and the only way to even grasp that is to think above what we already know. Doubt we alone. Thats very selfish and egotistical.

Then why are we here? Are we just an experiment? We are made up the same as the stars all came from one. Think about it. Our make up is the same as the earth’s as the same as Mars and Jupiter. Its the same elements remixed. 

What else out there has free will creativity love hate and creation.

Humans like the universe still growing 

I don’t know just was thinking 


One thought on “I am wondering….

  1. Good questions and interesting observations, my blogging buddy! If we aren’t alone in the universe, I’m certain we’re outstanding entertainment for others!


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