When We Meet

Why do I feel like its my first date when I’m only dropping off an outfit to you?

I pick out a decent shirt with my Jordan’s and leather jacket. I walk towards my window picking up this blue liquid by Avon ready to smell handsome.  I hope you think I am handsome, if so, tell me when you see me. I got the costume you asked for. I know you will look good in when take your trip to Albany.

Hopefully when we meet we can grab a bite to eat like pizza on West 4th. Its only a dollar. I know you are not in the rush. At least I hope you have no prior engagements.

Hopefully you embrace me with full arms. Like we haven’t seen each other in years. I know you don’t smile and blush like me, but dont judge me when I do it. We don’t have to stay out long or go to the pier and watch the water wave.

Don’t mind me but I’m going to drag you the waters anyways, if you allow it, if not I’m going to make sure during the walk to get pizza I will jump on you. I might grab you by neck and squeeze my affection all over you.

I’m prepared to not get same feedback. I know you’re not that mushy gushy. Although I would want you to be a butterball of valentine everyday it’s unrealistic. You can try though. It wont hurt. People should show more of the love emotion anyways and no so resistant. Machoness can go but so far! Ha! I chuckled.

I am almost to you.
I am on 125 st.
See you soon.

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