Moral of the story

A man decides to go fishing. He takes his bait of worms and places it on the hook of the fishing rod. The man cocks back his hand and throws the fishing rod as far as he can. The bait plunges in to the bottom of the ocean. On the opposite side of the ocean another man does the same exact thing. By fate the two hooks meet and cling onto each other. The two guys are amazed happen to think they caught a fish.

One guy start to reel in very aggressively anticipating what seems to be a big catch. The other guy wheels in with a slow and steady pace. The aggressive fisher started to reel in too fast to soon and broke the bond.

Both fisher believed their strategies caused the lost of the fish. The agressive guy asked a master fisherman back home and said “master, why is it when I reel in a fish as fast as I can I don’t have a fish?”

The master replied,”you have to be one with the fish and reel in. Too aggressive can startle a fish and it will release.” The slower guy asked his master back home and he said “you were to slow so the fish just ain’t the bait and left. You have to be one with the fish and reel in.” Both fisherman asked “how do you be one with the fish?” And the answer to that was simple. “Be you and the fish”

The next day the Fisher set sea to try again. Both by fate caught each others hooks again. This time, they mistakingly took the opposite approach. The aggressor was too slow and the slow was to aggressive. They went home again disappointed.

The third day they set sea again with the intention to be one with the fish. By fate their hooks caught and they started to reel in. Harmoniously, they reel and reel trying remain controlled.

Eventually they realized that their hooks didn’t catch a fish but each other. With astonishment they realized they was the fish for each other.


Now what do you think the moral of the story is? And how can I apply to you and or relationship?

One thought on “Moral of the story

  1. Perhaps when we are one with the other is the moment that we establish a true connection (bond). My simple opinion, my blogging buddy. Cool fable! Thanks!


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