Thinking Of You

I want you at my side sitting by the dark waters of the Hudson. Let the light of the two cities illuminate the river as we sit on this wooden throne alone. Hold me close to you, be my security, and bathe me in  your serenity. Make me blush. Make the butterflies bloom from within.

I want to intertwine my my fingers with yours. Remind me that you are my hero saving me from me as I learn to live with me. Be my rock with smooth edges like the curves in your chest. Love me with the color of green like mother nature. Have fun with me and always win. Let me be your best friend . let’s explore the town with new eyes. I want our focus to be about making each other happy.

I want to be better than we was before. I want us to be fruitful in each other. Advancing in love in ways we only can reach for.


I can’t be the only one with this dream.

One thought on “Thinking Of You

  1. Very romantic and special. I really like this as it encompasses true emotion and dreams! Nice job! Much love and naked hugs! 😉


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