Social Media

Social Media Issues…Yup!

Recently I deleted my Facebook for many reasons mostly from feeling tired of Facebook. I had roughly 800 friends that can be divided into my grade school “Friends,” my high school “friends,” and my gay “friends.”
First, lets clarify that the quoted Friends can easily be replaced with acquaintances or people-who-I-once-knew-but-no-longer-don’t. Straight like that.
I am a heavy Facebook user to the point of almost addiction. I have tried to wean myself of this addiction plenty before. I have signed out the app and deleted it off my phone, but I ended up going around that and signing on through Google chrome on my phone. 
It defeated the purpose of withdrawing if it kept on rebelling against myself anyways

so I downloaded the app again to suffer the same issues but not limited to:
1.seeing frequent status about drugs
2. people doing unnecessary tagging on friends post like “Stacy just took a bite of my soup”
3.posting about one being horny and using a eggplant emoji as a symbolism.
4.Shared violent graphic negative videos
5. The lady with the holes in her tits
6.more violent shared videos
7. depressing pictures of dissembled body parts
8. Naked selfies
and so on…

So right off the back you can easily shut me up with the “it’s your friends, you accepted them, it’s your fault” statement.
Which I’m like, okay, its true, I get it! I can easily unfollow them and be very selective on who I accept as a friend. I personally don’t mind accepting who ever, just don’t become a ghost. I have some percentage  of, if I add you I expect you to live up some one of the title as friends, but no. I have people add just to either:
A) Be another number
B) Be nosey
C) Hit on you
I have had many situations where I’ve added someone and they see me in person and act like they did not press the add friend button moments ago, or that I simply accepted their request and they received the notification. 

It’s like why add me. I don’t get it.
And not all Is bad, even though I am subjected constantly to bullshit all day long. Facebook can simply be worst the T.V. Scratch that Facebook IS worst then TV just not as brainwashing.  I’ve learned that people are actually more bold and can be more negative on Facebook. I know a person who in real life is actually sweet. We can call him/her Billy. However, on Facebook Billy is this suicidal depressing Bob or this deranged curly hair sally that I never witnessed that is two steps from jump off a cliff.

Then the burden comes in when you want to clean out your Facebook and remove people without offending them. I think we all have felt victim of this, that if someone removes you as a friend on Facebook you feel as if they removed you from their life. 

Why is that?

When I deactivated my Facebook for about three days I felt free. I felt like I deleted a chunk of negativity out my life. I joined Tumblr and made over my twitter. There I become selective on how I want my content to look. I wanted my twitter to be about bullshit to keep me relevant and I wanted my Tumblr to throw positive visions about things that really actually intrigues me; like nature, spirituality, African- American Ideals, and fashion.  With just in a matter of days I felt like I found a community with in Tumblr that likes what I like and will consistently speak about what I like. I even learned so much about Ferguson Riots through Tumblr and twitter. On Facebook forget about it, people are to busy posting naked selfies and fishing for likes. I found control in social media. I still believe Tumblr to be the best! Facebook not so much, I don’t know why, it’s to me bad. Just bad. I can’t even find the community and like minded individuals as I did on Tumblr. I believe each social media outlet are different and meant for different things.

I reactivated my Facebook though, and deleted and unfollowed roughly 200-300 people. It’s much cleaner. I don’t feel unorthodox for commenting on someone status who I don’t know, especially after they were the ones who requested me.

So how do you feel about the content of your Facebook and or other Social Media Outlets?




Writer’s Block Party: Food, Drinks, and Confusion For FREE!

Daily Prompt: Writers Block Party

When was the last time you experienced writer’s block? What do you think brought it about — and how did you dig your way out of it?


Everyday @ anytime! located on In Your Mind Street Between the Devil and Inspirational Avenue

Come meet local mourners around you and celebrate one of the most forgotten writers diseases in history of inscribing 

That’s it, just wanted to promote this event.

So… To  answer this question I am currently in a writers block and have been for the whole summer. Why? Well, because I want to start on my memoir and don’t know how to begin. Also, I don’t want to relive some of the most haunting memories. I just know I have a great story to tell. I don’t want to spell all that I am going to write in that book on here. Then, I don’t want to update nonsense. I want to update quality that is going to attract people. This is not Facebook and Twitter.

Yes, Daily prompt helps to a degree, it helps me stay relevant. I don’t like to feel forced to write or write about what some one else suggested. I want my blog to be organic.

I figure I have to read or experience more so i have something to write about. This is so not the journey I thought blogging will be. I never really experience the pressure of writers block until i started blogging. Well I never really took writing seriously prior to that.

I figure if I follow, read more write more, I can write more, I don’t know.I know I am still in a writers block. So I cant even say how I got out of it.

Red Hat

The guy with the red hat as bold in the streets as the music he blasted from his waist line.


He was 13 years old when his only friend that his mother approved of knocked on the door. “Hi miss James can Larry come over to my house to play video games?” The little boy asked while fluffing his afro. “No, he can’t Sean. He studying his bible now” said the mother.  Meanwhile, Larry, with his room closed, he heard the door close as he was sitting in silence. He jumped out of his bed out of curiosity. He thought his mom had left which would have gave him the chance to go in his parents room and sneak in a show.
“Mom who was that?” He asked.
“It was nothing sweetie go to your room.”
“Mom it sounded like larry was at the door…what did he want?” Larry’s face grew stern.
“Larry, do not question me, please go to your room.”
“This is what I am talking about. You never let me do anything at all! It’s Friday night, why am I home in my room in silence what am I? A monk?”
“I don’t know what devlish tone-”
“NOT EVERYTHING IS THE DEVIL! YOURE THE DEVIL!” Larry screamed out running back to his room to gear up his clothes.
“Where do you think you are going to larry! Put those clothes down. I am calling pastor Stevens”. The mother went to the living room to dial the phone. Larry stopped in the middle of tying his shoe. Forgetting about the other bare foot he ran after his mother slapping the phone out her hand. The mother stood appallad and slapped him violently across the face. “I will not have no one disrespect me in my sanctuary!” The mother wailed.
Larry palmed his face starring with rage in his eyes. His eyes was about to tear when his father walked through the door. He ran to his father that at times look to as Jesus. His father hiding  red lipstick under his collar.

“LARRY!”the father yelled while coming through the door “I just seen your friend outside.”
“I’m calling the pastor and thats that. I will not have my son demonize himself” the mother said. “What the hell is going on?” The father took Larry behind him. “Why the fuck you keep calling this pastor for. I told you to leave that nigga out our business. He is not this guys father i am!  He yelled. Larry look up at his father confused. He never agreed with his father anymore for he didn’t know he didn’t approve of pastor. He thought he just agreed with whatever mom said.  “He is the pastor! He knows the answer you don’t know!” Said the mother.
“What? you never give me a chance to be a father to my son. You want to bring this pastor around every chance you get… Are you cheating?” The father said stepping closer to the mother. The tension in the room started to build. Larry took the mid silence between the two giants to run to his room and grab his other shoe. The mother stood in shocked with the phone still in her hand. “Im not going to ask you again.” The mother stood in silence about to dial the number again. The father took  the entire phone and threw it against the wall. The phone shatters in pieces before them.

Larry walks towards his mother as his father leaves out the front door. The mother in fear grabs her jacket. “Where are you going! Everybody wants to leave when I was the first one ready to go, now we are taking a family trip?”
“I’m going to the church, if when I return and you are not here reading the bible I’m calling the police”
“I told you countless times pastor Stevens looks at me funny and has been for years! I told you many other things about him and you still force him into my life! Why would you do such things to me.
“The devil is a liar!” The mother screamed.
“You always choose him over me!”Larry ran to the parents room pulling out the 9mm gun as his mother looks for her keys. Larry pointed the gun at his mother as she was about to step out.
“Mom turn around now!”
The mother peaked over her shoulder. Seeing her son with the gun, “where did you get that?” Larry did not answer but instead said, “if you go to that rapist I’m going to shoot you.” The mother went to her knees and started to pray out loud.
“Stop praying!” Larry yelled. The mother kept praying aloud mumbling for Jesus to save her from the evil.
” I am not evil! Stop praying! Now before I shoot you!” The mother continued in her song of prayers.
“Stop now!” larry said as unspoken words fell down his cheeks. His hands started to tremble.”Stop!”
His mother raised her hands up in a praise and yelled out “Lord as my savior deliver me from the evil one. Please lord.”

Three bullets entered the mothers head
Larry stood there with spats of blood across his face. The mothers body fell back into the door with her eyes open starring deadly at her only son. Larry approached his mother to close her eyes. “You have been sent” Larry whispered in her ears.

I am wondering….

This video made me wonder all over again.

Watching this video made me realize what are we as humans doing. Are we as a race bored on earth. What seperates us from animals is free will. We lost our instincts, don’t trust our intuition, which is what animals seem to have. They are just powered by the ways of nature.

For one you see in the video the distance between the sun earth and moon is extremely vast. It doesn’t look as magnified as our atmosphere makes it to be. The moon is so small and controls so much on this earth. The sun is so big so far yet so powerful enough for heat to travel long distances maintaining its heat power in an unbreakable cold universe. Long enough for earth to thrive perfectly. 

Did you see how far the famous constellation’s are? I forgot get what we see at night is the past of many years ago predating human existence. 

So I thought immediately, what exist outside the earth. Meaning does religion matter on the moon? Does the need to go to college, poverty, rich, fame, money I can go on and on. To me none of that matters. We created our own egoic entity within earth that seperates us from the omnipresence. 

Imagine seeing the earth from the outside it looks like the most diverse rock in the system. Then when you go inside it’s tainted with atomic bombs and other nonsense. The only beauty would be everything older than humans. The beautifully designed landmass and oceans. Almost like a planet of paradise. 

I still feel like humans as a whole as one are bored. With this mass need to be entertained both positively and negatively.

Think about it.


War is entertainment. So is art. 

I wish humanity was a little more better. 

Nonetheless this video made me wonder what really matters. Is it really that important once you leave earth.

Nope. Not at all.

And the famous question again..are we alone. We can’t be the universe is still beyond comprehension and the only way to even grasp that is to think above what we already know. Doubt we alone. Thats very selfish and egotistical.

Then why are we here? Are we just an experiment? We are made up the same as the stars all came from one. Think about it. Our make up is the same as the earth’s as the same as Mars and Jupiter. Its the same elements remixed. 

What else out there has free will creativity love hate and creation.

Humans like the universe still growing 

I don’t know just was thinking 


Moral of the story

A man decides to go fishing. He takes his bait of worms and places it on the hook of the fishing rod. The man cocks back his hand and throws the fishing rod as far as he can. The bait plunges in to the bottom of the ocean. On the opposite side of the ocean another man does the same exact thing. By fate the two hooks meet and cling onto each other. The two guys are amazed happen to think they caught a fish.

One guy start to reel in very aggressively anticipating what seems to be a big catch. The other guy wheels in with a slow and steady pace. The aggressive fisher started to reel in too fast to soon and broke the bond.

Both fisher believed their strategies caused the lost of the fish. The agressive guy asked a master fisherman back home and said “master, why is it when I reel in a fish as fast as I can I don’t have a fish?”

The master replied,”you have to be one with the fish and reel in. Too aggressive can startle a fish and it will release.” The slower guy asked his master back home and he said “you were to slow so the fish just ain’t the bait and left. You have to be one with the fish and reel in.” Both fisherman asked “how do you be one with the fish?” And the answer to that was simple. “Be you and the fish”

The next day the Fisher set sea to try again. Both by fate caught each others hooks again. This time, they mistakingly took the opposite approach. The aggressor was too slow and the slow was to aggressive. They went home again disappointed.

The third day they set sea again with the intention to be one with the fish. By fate their hooks caught and they started to reel in. Harmoniously, they reel and reel trying remain controlled.

Eventually they realized that their hooks didn’t catch a fish but each other. With astonishment they realized they was the fish for each other.


Now what do you think the moral of the story is? And how can I apply to you and or relationship?

When We Meet

Why do I feel like its my first date when I’m only dropping off an outfit to you?

I pick out a decent shirt with my Jordan’s and leather jacket. I walk towards my window picking up this blue liquid by Avon ready to smell handsome.  I hope you think I am handsome, if so, tell me when you see me. I got the costume you asked for. I know you will look good in when take your trip to Albany.

Hopefully when we meet we can grab a bite to eat like pizza on West 4th. Its only a dollar. I know you are not in the rush. At least I hope you have no prior engagements.

Hopefully you embrace me with full arms. Like we haven’t seen each other in years. I know you don’t smile and blush like me, but dont judge me when I do it. We don’t have to stay out long or go to the pier and watch the water wave.

Don’t mind me but I’m going to drag you the waters anyways, if you allow it, if not I’m going to make sure during the walk to get pizza I will jump on you. I might grab you by neck and squeeze my affection all over you.

I’m prepared to not get same feedback. I know you’re not that mushy gushy. Although I would want you to be a butterball of valentine everyday it’s unrealistic. You can try though. It wont hurt. People should show more of the love emotion anyways and no so resistant. Machoness can go but so far! Ha! I chuckled.

I am almost to you.
I am on 125 st.
See you soon.

Thinking Of You

I want you at my side sitting by the dark waters of the Hudson. Let the light of the two cities illuminate the river as we sit on this wooden throne alone. Hold me close to you, be my security, and bathe me in  your serenity. Make me blush. Make the butterflies bloom from within.

I want to intertwine my my fingers with yours. Remind me that you are my hero saving me from me as I learn to live with me. Be my rock with smooth edges like the curves in your chest. Love me with the color of green like mother nature. Have fun with me and always win. Let me be your best friend . let’s explore the town with new eyes. I want our focus to be about making each other happy.

I want to be better than we was before. I want us to be fruitful in each other. Advancing in love in ways we only can reach for.


I can’t be the only one with this dream.