This has to be far one the funniest video I have seen in God knows how long.

Long story short, the two year old girl Chloe face has been floating around social media for months known as the original “Bish Whet” which is a softer way of saying “BITCH WHAT”

This clip I was recently shown was the video behind the famous Meme. Please laugh at how dramatic and instant lily’s responses was to them going to Disney land. I can not tell you how hard I feel out into tears at how grave her crying ways

You would’ve thought the world was ending that moment.
I am telling you, your day would be made!

Chloe gave a look of “Bitch why are you so damn dramatic about Disney land, calm the fuck down”
when the mother said, “where going to Disneyland” to chloe, she gave “hmmm,hmmm” so simple with such certainty of her awareness and doesn’t care.

all she cared about was her dramatic sister.
Oh for the love of God just watch the video and tell me Did you laugh too?

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Daily Prompt :Roaring Laughter

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