Bad Blogger I am


I know I haven’t been updating my blog as much as I should and taking full advantage on my writing skills. I just haven’t been full inspired in a long time and I don’t like to just up and post random anything with little to no content.

I know when I am in my writing zone. Lately, though I recently been I a break up of three years and I just couldn’t release my thoughts from that (still can’t sometimes). I would try to write about it on here but I realized I looked like a depressed dark person with back to back post on sadness.

Which at the time I was a depressed dark person mourning his loss of love.

“Don’t call it a come back,” as LL Cool J would say, but I am ready to start this up again.
I wont say I am on a newer path but I am on newer path, hehe!

I’m ready to start a newer path and try new opportunities now that I am free. I was free before but this is a different type of free. Before I was free with Loving someone else. Now I am free with Loving myself.

I’m ready to move about freely with out the concern of feeling wrong or my actions are to be in doubt.

No need to feel guilty anymore. Gosh, the freedom with just saying that alone.

Well, I have been drafting a few things that I will drop soon probably today or tomorrow, like a single on iTunes, laugh out loud!

I’m choosing the next person to be in my life. They are coming to me and be harmonious in what I am doing.

anywho, that is all for now. if You guys have instagram Please lets exchange follows

Instagram: 4everlastingtae 



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