Summer Aromas

Freedom & Serenity

Summer Love

Pop! Goes the small cap on the lighter fluid before he sprinkles the kerosene on the dark carbon rocks. He strikes the match for the black bowl leading to a combustion of flames. The flames cradle the smell of summer to the top of my lip and I breathe in deeply the initiation of summer

I sit with my feet buried in the sand that still holds the warmth of the sun that settled under the horizon. My other two friends sidebar on topics I choose to not partake in. Not that it didn’t interest me, I just prefer to marvel in the moment.

I smell the dark colored sea reflecting the open skies that avails the moon and the stars. Plentiful it is tonight.  A circle of rocks margins the small fire created by me.

The moment is enhanced like a drug with music. Songs of the night that heightened my sense of well being where everything became aromatherapy.

Now I dance on the movable ground to the joyous of the many songs accompanied by nostalgia. I rip my two friends apart and we spin each other around and around then fall to the ground. Laughing hysterically at life and just being alive.

I got back up to dance with the waves and the salty ocean breeze.

Summer is here.

Daily prompt: summer scents
 Daily Prompt: Musical Marker 

6 thoughts on “Summer Aromas

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