Expectations of My Imaginations

I want to fly across the United States unbound by the color of my skin, transfixed by wanderlust that will propel me into the woods of Georgia as I stand bare feet in the woods.  I want to marvel in a grandiose of visual perfection looking at the Great Plains covered

Freedom & Serenity

Freedom & Serenity

in the true color of love…green.  I want to see the stars, the original storytellers, to  befriend the moonlight parenting me with serenity.  I want to discover the  beauty of a land that is submissive under the partnership of ugly  mechanisms. The freedom to fly is the freedom to wander. To randomly pick up your bags and go across a land that can be oasis one day, and a party girl in New York City the next. I want to dip my toes in Florida,  bungee jump in California, drink the rain of Seattle. I want to feel the winds that birth tornadoes.

One day I will travel just because...

One day I will travel just because…

I want to understand with experience that  everything around me came from the same basic elements. Nothing outer worldly but everything inner worldly.

I want to bend my leg and touch my forehead with fluid and ease. To experience freedom in the grace of flexibility so I can discover the stillness in myself that leads to the realm of creativity when perform for hundreds.  The freedom to gyrate my body to the beats of house music late nights

You try this under 104 degree heat!

You try this under 104 degree heat!

on Mondays. The expression of my femininity in a world drench in hyper-masculinity. To be polished in every movement from the point of my toe to the tip of my fingers.  To finalize my talent and skill that can never be stripped from me. I want to be flexible to twist my body in yoga poses under 104 degree heat with ease.

I want to write a New York Times Bestseller explaining my hidden culture that

Be on the look out for my novel !

Be on the look out for my novel !

slowly rises from the ashes.  I want to demonstrate to people how Janet Mock taught me to be “unapologetic”. I want to tell my story.

I want to love more and better, reaching heights of emotions that rockets beyond my

For myself and to him.

For myself and to him.

physical senses. To love him, her, they, and it unconditionally. To most importantly to love my self and all of my me, my past, and my present.  To eventually discover my highest self that can benefit the world of the good.

I want me expectations that seems like imaginations to manifest out of the dream world into reality shape-shifting me into a better human experience.

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