I Wish Times Like These Were Recorded

          We  just had our monthly screaming match, definitely explaining the delicate dynamic of an Aries and Gemini relationship. I, from the need of seeing him, should admit I am in full responsibility to adding unnecessary stress.I heard him scream and reach notes so high that hoarse his voice in the moment. I stood on the other line in complete astonishment when I’m really suppose to be in film class; but, who wants to watch a 3 hour film by Hitchcock…No one! I realized then that bitching and complaining about the past was clearly not the time and place. I however, had the burning sensation in my mind to ask what apparently has been bothering me for some time. This burning need to complain about love-is-caring-when-angry-quotedormant thoughts that has no effect on me, honestly.  Deep down I have this idea that I should say whatever I want and argue, or in my eyes debate, about anything and get over it by the next day. I want that ultimate comfort-ability to know we going have resilience and  bounce back into our lovable ways. Gladly enough we did!

                     After our trip to the movies that Sunday, two days after our heated debate, we walked the busy streets of Times Square to Union Square, to the village and sat down on a bench. We seated ourselves away from the highly populated gay area. I didn’t want to run into any acquaintances ruining my person time with him as they will with  gay ballroom scene talks. We sat and we talked and I felt extremely fulfilled. The dark waters of the Hudson river reflects the city lights like black diamonds setting the moody so romantically. “The water looks cool this time,” he said while I stare at his strong features in his face.
“Yeah, it looks so silky and calm.” We agreed.

               Moments later we took pictures of our silhouette on the floor and underneath a light pole. We striven to find a good selfie under the 10:00 sky where he would take pictures and then we will switch positions with me being the photographer. We sat side by side on the bench again this time I moved in closer with his arms wrapped around me. These are the nights I love the most and I feel so lucky to have this type of connection with someone where the feelings are the same, our history together proving our strength through time, and still feel like its new. That “new” feeling strikes me every time I see him walk to me from where he is at outside. It’s the only time I see him from a distance able to see all of him move about in space around me. Within this short period of time that slows down in my mind, I can feel my feelings hot against my skin. I look at him with new eyes of attractiveness. His eyes sit behind strong eyebrow features and cheekbones adding depth. The shadow that cast across his eyes from afar puts me in such a submissive state I just want to succumb and melt into his strength. I feel protection in his eyes. I am proud to say he is mine.2014-05-11 21.31.47

                    I looked at his admirable face again as he talks cheerfully about his career, like how a little kid may ramble on about nothingness and the parent responds with “Okay, son.” He turned to me puckering his bold lips, another feature I loved. I went in for the kill, “What are you doing?” he says with his lips fixed in place not putting in his 10%. This was something he always do and it gets me every time. I will be so excited to wallow in his affection and he takes this vulnerability to playfully make me seem like i’m the crazy one. “Oh my god,” I said backing away. He then puckered his lips and I landed mine on his.

                     We decided to try to bar hop in the local bars around the village; the free ones.  We spoke about our beginnings together in another bar called The Web and how it’s was just a nice chill spot for us together. I cherish the memory of just sitting in his arms while the house music plays with the fast bass in sync with the heart of mine. I loved how we were not bothered about being around Go-Go dancers twirling around. The stillness in myself, the need to not worry about life anymore, all blended in those times I cherish .
We ended up at The Hangar, a bar narrow in size with one dance stage and one pool table. We found at seat and just marveled in the present moment. He took my hand and we played thumb wars but we used both hands simultaneously. It was very fun and creative to do. I laugh over and over staring into his eyes while trying to pin down both thumbs. Nothing at all mattered but that moment. I wish time this was recorded. I want to play back at the intensity of undivided attentionBAR.

                       After our second time going to The Hangar that night we sat in the same area before. This time I sat next to with no table separating us. He grabbed my hand and laid on my shoulder. In the bar you can see many other guys trying to hook up in search for what I have next to me. I felt above every one there. In a sense too, a thought slipped in suggesting maybe our closeness will make other people uncomfortable. I wouldn’t care honestly, because I was able to freely express my love to him in a open environment. there’s nothing like being open with whom you love. I thought about the hard times my predecessors had in the late 60’s where it was a law against holding another man they way he held me that night in the bar. I really do love him and times like these reassures me over and over leaving to not forget.

tickleWith his hands around my waist he tickles me to the beat of the song. I could not stop laughing,. I didn’t want to stop laughing I was having soo much fun. He was playing with me providing immense amount of attention. I hope my laughter and smile brought joy to him in the same process. We probably looked so innocent and new to love, but we are not. We are three years thick in filled with a lot of growth, lessons, and clashes. Times Likes I wish they were recorded. So I can play back the provable love and joy we can bring to each other.

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5 thoughts on “I Wish Times Like These Were Recorded

  1. Your writing is so raw! That’s a compliment. If you ever fancy relocating, Chicago is a must. Boys town should be your place of residence. My favorite areas to go are Boystown, and Andersonville. It’s a large same sex population but no matter your orientation, everyone is genuinely nice. It’s very much a community feel. I often say wouldn’t mind raising my children in Andersonville


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