I am lost like never before.
I am confused like never before.

I am uncertain.
I am not content.

. . . .

The freezing wings marathon across my eye lids lifting the tears off my eye ducts.
Self induced tears.
Words in liquid state.
. . . .

Walking to this bus stop in so much pain and anger. Two hours early the alarm rings off at 8:45am walking me up from a sleep that was not long and deep, but rather short intervals, many in an hour. The sleep being a result from going to bed at 1:00am concluding a day drenched in uncertainty  and confusion. That day Wednesday was unprofessional. I strive in distress to make it to class on time. I got there late and quit. I hate school  education institutions called college. To work afterwards is too much, too demanding from be being free and simple.
I don’t know what to do.
I’m so confused.

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