Hell To The Pile Of Trash No!!!

What the hell seriously! I want to throw this 1960’s computer out my 21st floor apartment window and let it fertilize the grass with its invisible infections.



Recently, my computer contracted a virus infecting a little over 1,500 files. I had no clue, for I had done a previous scan before, but since my beloved Malwarebytes Anti-Malware software was not updated it could not catch these bastards.

Who in their left mind who invented viruses for computers. Don’t go and say it was something that was inevitable to happen like glitches or some bullshit, because to be frank with you guys computers came from humans and should have been made without being susceptible to a virus.

The conspiracy theorist in me says,” They made viruses for computer so they can make more profit by selling viral protection softwares

HELL TO THE NO! (In my Glee voice)

This computer has one more time to fuck shit up

This computer has one more time to fuck shit up

I refuse to be another patent profit victim like how the health industry already done. You won’t catch this negro! Word!

I am annoyed

I am frustrated

I have a book to write, a blog to update, I cannot continuously keep working from my phone and reading tablet. It’s a damn shame when these devices works faster than an actual computer! A serious shame. I can’t go to a library because they time you and forty minuets is not enough, especially with my wanderlust mind.

Say hello to my little friends Dell PC

Say hello to my little friends Dell PC

I don’t know what to do yet, this is like me third day trying to clean this garbage and when I do it freezes trying to rid what is now 150 or so infected files.

I need a laptop. I need some food.

P.s. Believe me when I say this wasn’t caused by porn. Truly, sincerely, believe me. As for my brother, I wouldn’t know,  I’m trying to figure out these crumbling pieces of paper towels myself.


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