Next Stop…BOSTON, Massachusetts

I’m on road to Boston, Massachusetts.

I havent been on the road In years let alone without my parents. I’m excited, inside I feel like a little boy again gazing into blue waterpaint colored skies from the backseat window of my moms car. The embracing warmth in my heart comes from the variety placed among my eyes. 

It’s a cold march 1 in New York City were the average temperature this winter is -2°. i’m being dramatic, it’s been extensively colder then the past years. Ask any New Yorker about the depressing snow storms and they would say “i’m sick of it”. Spring seems terrestrial planets away. I ran down 11th avenue & 34st to aboard the 10:10 am Megabus. My hands burning from the evil cold, I carry my deluxe duffle bag filled with clothes, under clothes, an army printed catsuit.

The warm embrace In my heart starts when the bus reaches Yonkers,  New York. Soon afterwards, I see nothing but an army of naked trees standing strong, and brave. I think to myself “indegenius people probably lived here in between the crowded trees. Oh my god there for goes a mountain.”  Yes! A mountain. An army of mountain tall and stern reminiscing solid waves. The lakes near by the Sparatic homes frozen in time, blue and white with snow. I question,too, how the residents communicate so far apart from each other. There are 24hr no corner stores, lively action of people moving about. Everything is serene here. Any young city boy would have to go a major detox with severe withdrawal to withstand the openness.

Well, I current sit here passing Connecticut observing the new variety placed before me. I am tired from doing homework till late night, I want to sleep, but my eyes are glued to the window. I enjoy the scenery of nature. The missed connections between nature and I is slightly being restored. I want to see stars next. For now, I await for my performance with two of my friends and play Tori  Kelly – confetti as she states “People seem to think that you’ll be happier one you reach the top you’ll have it all.  But, I’m living for right now cause what if tomorrow never comes.  I’m not waiting for the confetti to fall”


… she’s right… I’m not waiting to be happy. 


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