Kids&Parents: Why do you have kids?

I’m 21 years young with no children. “So what do you know about parenting?” you may ask, well, for one i’ve seen plenty of Maury and every other baby momma drama, trailer trash T.V. Also, I seen the movie precious. The poor girl reduce to crafting (steal) fried chicken from the spot to survive. We are all surrounded by parenting and their ways since the day of conception. Even kids toys induce parental skills. Toy companies have the baby female species learning to bottle feed a fake baby! A girl itself just got off the bottle, barely even know her address, let alone write, yet, they are taught to be parents. And people wonder why “Teen Mom” is still the new black and not “Orange”. The point is you don’t have to be a parent “to be a parent”.

So I ask of you why do you have or want kids? Is it to better the world? Because you were taught to by society? Or maybe a little deeper, like knowing a kid is going provide unconditional consistent love. The love you lack to give yourself? I ask these questions because I believe parenting to have a purpose whether or not by accident or planned. A purpose that sits outside of you. I believe bringing life onto this world of chaos should be a path towards bettering it.20140131_185646


Teach your kids about how to love themselves. What are the parents today teaching their children? Even with my parents, who loved me and provided a decent childhood and some values, I give them some credit to what I know and still learning about; learning to love myself and truth about our culture and world views. I say this because I took the initiative to read books by self-philosophers, meditation, eating the right foods, having an open-mind, and just simply loving myself. Guide children to be what the world is missing…Thinkers! It looks as if people have children and throw them into the school system. Kids are guiding themselves. Embrace your child’s talent no matter how weird. Teach them not to be ignorant but to be curious and ask questions. Let them keep their imagination. Let your child first word be why? And if you don’t know the answer find the answer together.


LEARN from your child as well let them show you how to be youthful again. Play with them, engage in their silly conversations about oranges attacking grapes or saving the world. I hate to see a kid on a train blab away to their parent and they just sit there like “yes, Ashley, yeah.” Engage. You was once in the same train cart years ago asking the same thing curious about the world, but what happen? You was hindered. Let’s try not to pass our bad seeds to the future. Your issues ends with you, our issues ends with us. WORD!


Daily Prompt: Pride & Joy


One thought on “Kids&Parents: Why do you have kids?

  1. I have three girls. So I understand where you are coming from. I strategically planned them 5 years apart. I wanted to give each one of them time to be mommy’s little princes. My oldest is 17, their are still times that she needs to be mommy’s little princess. I’ve learned so much about life, love and reality through my children. Not only as children, but as humans we need validation. When our feelings, and emotions are validated we grow to be strong people; We are confident and everyone recognizes it when you walk in a room.

    My children are extremely talented. Which results in a lot of road trips. Now I may not always feel up to packing up and being on the road. But it is all about me supporting their skills, talents and dreams! Most of all its about the memories being made to share with their families.

    Besides, what’s life without love, laughter and imagination!

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